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Cúrcuma / Turmeric / Golden Milk en El Salvador

Turmeric or Turmeric

Turmeric or Turmeric

In 2010, a study from Aston University was able to prove once and for all that Turmeric or Turmeric is a natural antidote to the venom of a poisonous Cobra!


Among the properties of this root powder is being antiseptic and antibacterial, since all kinds of wounds and scrapes can be treated with the Turmeric. This powerful ingredient enters our Tisanes offer this week, take advantage of it and consume it for its many health properties.


Turmeric has been enjoyed in India since 3000 BC. It is believed to have been discovered in the Bronze Age that on the Indian subcontinent dates back to around 3300BC, in the Indus Valley. It has always been primarily cultivated as a powerful culinary ingredient and propelled to fame for its medicinal properties. We usually see it combined with other ingredients, with ginger, cloves to consume it with milk and give it a delicious chai touch.


This root has multiple functions for our body. As a principle, it is known properties that help combat side effects of degenerative diseases such as Cancer, or pulmonary emphysema. Studies indicate that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, as effective as some famous drugs that you can buy at the pharmacy with the plus of not having side effects. It helps us by protecting our liver, it is a wonderful additive to accompany with herbs, spices and other teas. It has many antioxidants, it helps reduce joint pain, it could help you improve your brain functions, bad mood, it can help you lower high sugar levels, it is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, among others.


Nowadays you see a lot of it combined with milk, and I'm sure you've already heard of GOLDEN MILK or Turmeric Milk. It is an Indian recipe, gaining more and more fans around the world, famous for its vibrant yellow color and unique flavor. Turmeric is a spectacular culinary ingredient as it is added to mustard, rice dishes, some cheeses, and other foods for its color and flavor.


The power of the Turmeric, whether you consume it with milk, spices or alone, are innumerable. Our Turmeric comes from INDIA, Kevala region, it is caffeine free and suitable for people following Kosher, Vegetarian and Vegan. Ask for it at home in the metropolitan area of San Salvador or come to the Academy for it, remember to order in advance to reduce your time spent within our facilities.

Cúrcuma / Turmeric / Golden Milk

Golden Milk Recipe below.

For your initial purchase ask for your Golden Milk Recipe Book.


Turmeric / Turmeric

Origin:  India

Name:  Turmeric

Flavor:  Intense herbal, spicy, spicy

Infusion:  Intense Yellow

Ingredients: Turmeric Root powder


Students and Clients will be able to see the vignette in its original size when entering the system. 

Easy video to prepare Golden Milk at Home with our Turmeric or Turmeric.

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