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Lemongrass 1oz

Lemongrass 1oz

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Our Lemongrass comes straight from Thailand. For those who do not know yet, lemongrass is a very aromatic plant, it is delicious both in the kitchen and in infusions and it is full of important qualities for our benefit. Lemongrass acquires its fame in Asian cuisine, often being used in soups, curries, stews, meat dishes and a myriad of haute cuisine meals and dishes.

Lemongrass is known as Lemongrass in English, it helps to relieve severe headaches such as migraines, due to its incredible analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Loaded with B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. It helps us regulate platelets, preventing their accumulation and controlling the release of serotonin. It is also considered a natural detoxifier, it is used to eliminate uric acid and control bad cholesterol levels.

Among its many benefits, it promotes digestion by repopulating the colon with beneficial bacteria for health, helping against heartburn, bloating, vomiting and constipation.

It has many names, but in El Salvador it is known as lemongrass or lemongrass. Some herbs like this are cultivated for their magnificent properties, but also for their particular aroma. An aroma that reminds me of my childhood, do you remember the lemon candies that we ate in piñatas? Lemongrass has a sweet lemon flavor with notes of ginger in aftertaste.

Our Lemongrass comes from the Petchabun region, Thailand. It grows at 200 and 500 meters above sea level and as always, we try to be a 1st grade harvest. This herb does not contain caffeine and is suitable for people following Kosher, Vegetarian and Vegan diets.

By just opening the bag, you can enjoy its intense fragrance, it is a perennial herb, native to Southeast Asia and in Latin it is called Cymbopogon Frexuosus. Its lemony flavor is due to the fact that it contains a strong concentration of citral, its main biological component.

Although you can find Lemongrass plantations in many Central American countries, at Academia Barista Pro, we decided to import it directly from its country of origin; Thailand, as that is where it is commonly associated. As a curious fact, the Thai government promoted Lemongrass agriculture in the country, as it saw its popularity rise in haute cuisine restaurants, from London to Buenos Aires. ⁣

Lemongrass is a delicious ingredient to add in dishes, in shakes, in mixtures of teas or tisans. But even with so many uses for this herb, in Thailand for centuries, it has been used for its medicinal benefits. Lemongrass can help calm fever, relax muscles, and restore spirit.

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