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Instalaciones de Academia Barista Pro El Salvador, Como es Academia Barista Pro, Barismo en El Salvador

Academia Barista Pro

English Coffee Trainings for Individuals and Coffee Shops On Demand

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Coffee Sustainability Program
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The only Coffee Academy in Central America offering you both  Coffee Skills and Sustainability Programs from Specialty Coffee Association. 


Jonathan Rodríguez


Lic. Johanna de Rodriguez, Academia Barista Pro El Salvador, Barismo en EL Salvador, Cafes Especiales

Johanna de Rodríguez


Coffee Practices


Opt for individual practical coffee classes with ABP's curriculum. All classes are 90% practical and recommended after you take any SCA Foundation Course.

Specialty Coffees


We work with producers who have won multiple awards in Cup of Excellence. We choose the best Specialty Coffees to roast for you On demand. Enjoy the TOP coffee from El Salvador only and exclusively at ABP. 

International SCA Certifications

Specialty Coffee Association Curriculum

7 important themes for coffee education in one place. We are incredibly happy to be the Only Central American Coffee School to have Both Programs available for students from around the world looking for SCA Education. Book your SCA Course curriculum with us by writting directly to our whatsapp. +50321000978

Imported Teas & Tisanes


We import a wide range of Teas & Tisanes from the most important tea producer countries in the World. We carefully select from Organic, 1st crop producers who meet our strict parameters for freshness and flavor. 

New SCA Diplomas

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is excited to announce the launch of the new SCA Skills Diplomas!

These four diplomas—Café, Coffee Trade, Roastery, and Sustainable Coffee—are designed to prepare learners for leadership in the specialty coffee industry. Each diploma requires a combination of advanced-level learning and foundational coursework from all three of the SCA Certificate Programs: Coffee Skills Program, Coffee Sustainability Program, and Coffee Technicians Program.

SCA Skills Diplomas are a valuable asset for anyone who wants to advance their career in specialty coffee. They demonstrate your commitment to excellence and your deep understanding of the industry.

Here are just a few of the benefits of earning an SCA Skills Diploma:

  • Stand out to potential employers. Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with SCA certifications and diplomas. Earning an SCA Skills Diploma shows that you are serious about your career and that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

  • Advance your career. SCA Skills Diplomas can help you qualify for more senior positions and higher salaries. They can also open up new opportunities for career growth and development.

  • Gain respect from your peers. SCA Skills Diplomas are recognized and respected by coffee professionals around the world. Earning a diploma shows that you are a knowledgeable and skilled coffee professional.

If you are serious about your career in specialty coffee, then I encourage you to consider earning an SCA Skills Diploma. It is an investment in your future that will pay off many times over.


Women in Coffee represent many things; family, care, empowerment, but above all... love for coffee. 

Join us in meeting these great WOMEN producers. Johanna will choose incredible coffees from TOP WOMEN Producers from around El Salvador. Dont forget, each will be LIMITED SUPPLY, grab one as fast as you can, we will number each bag. If you didnt get a chance to buy a bag, but want to know who´s coffee we´ve had during this project, Click the button below.

Phone: +(503) 22637706

Whatsapp: +(503) 21000978

79 Av. Sur and Calle Cuscatlán Plaza Cristal Building,

Local 1-2, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador

Central America.

Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffees

Weekly Roasts

Choose from a variety of Academia Barista Pro's exclusive Microlot and Nanolots of Specialty Coffees you could enjoy during the week. Always freshly roasted, from Winning Farms of Cup of Excellence.


Free delivery available to houses and businesses around the metro san salvador area.

Cafes Especiales en Academia Barista Pro

Whole Leaf Tea and Tisanes

Ask for our Catalog by whatsapp.

More than 20 Deliciously imported Teas and Tisanes from Egypt, India, Japan, China, South Africa among many other countries. Ask for our Tea Catalog. Pure teas, Blends, Single Origins, Tisanes, Accessories and much more.

Te Egipcio de Jamaica, Tes y Tisanes Importados a El Salvador
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