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Specialty Coffee Classes

Welcome. Are you interested in our specialized coffee classes. You can choose from the options below. 

We have practices and International SCA Certifications

International SCA Certifications


What is SCA?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a global, non-profit trade association dedicated to specialty coffee. The SCA was founded in 1982 and has over 10,000 members in over 70 countries.


Coffee Skills Program

6 possible Certification pathways, all pertaining important Coffee subjects


Coffee Sustainability Program

This important Subject can be imparted Remotely and in Person training. 


Coffee Technitians Program

Starting to offer 1 pathway of this program called Water and Preventive Maintenance.

New SCA Skills Diplomas

Do you want to become an expert coffee professional? Below I will explain to you how you can achieve this goal: 

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has launched new SCA Skills Diplomas, a series of certifications that will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the coffee industry.

  • The SCA Coffee Diploma will help you learn how to choose, roast, and brew high-quality coffee. You will also learn how to start a successful coffee business.

  • The SCA Sustainability Diploma will help you create a sustainable coffee business that will thrive over time.

  • The SCA Roasting Diploma will teach you how to ensure the quality of your roasts, becoming an expert in blending and production roasting.

  • The SCA Trade Diploma will provide you with the tools you need to easily market your coffee and understand the global trade parameters required for specialty coffee.

Below, I detail the requirements for each Diploma. Get started today! Write to us for your first certification on the path to the SCA Diploma that best suits your needs. WHATSAPP: +50322637706

Conoce más sobre los SCA SKILLS DIPLOMAS


In Person Training

You may opt for any Pathway, Program and level for In person Training. These classes should be paid in full to be scheduled in our calendar


Online SCA Trainings

You may opt for 8 Foundation Level Classes Online. Although we recomment to do Barista and Roasting in Person. Sustainability Program can be done 100% online. 

No SCA Practical Classes

Practical Classes No SCA curriculum

Besides our SCA Certification Program, ABP has a series of practical classes available for you to keep the flow with your motricities. You may include practices after your SCA certifications in various subjects available.

No SCA Programs only 

If you need to include many practices in a program. You may opt for the options available for 7 days or 7 day plus.

Programs including SCA Courses and ABP Practices

To reinforce Latte Art, Menu, Consultories into any of your SCA programs, this option is for you. 

Programs with only SCA Classes

Not interested in anything other than SCA Curriculum. This is the option for you. 

Our Team

By training all our personnel inhouse we can assure the highest quality standard. We are proud to have the best trainers in the industry that will guide you personally to your goals. 

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