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Butterfly Blue Pea Flower 1oz

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower 1oz

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A flower that is commonly known as Butterfly Pea, native to the Asian continent. With a very interesting umami flavor, which manages to be a refreshing option when consumed frozen this summer. We recommend it infused as lemonade, as it is an indigo blue infusion that with any citrus fruit changes to purple before your eyes. Any infusion of this wonderful flower contributes to a stress-free diet, reduces the anxiety of your day and improves performance, energy, stabilizing all your emotions. ⁣

Who doesn't need something like that to be in <mood off> and out of life's troubles?⁣⁣

At Academia Barista Pro we seek to import the best whole flower from Thailand, as it is so, in its most natural state, where all its nutrients are preserved intact. Today, you can already find this delicious flower in the best Coffee Shops and Restaurants in El Salvador. ⁣

Order the Butterfly Pea in Whole Flower to fully enjoy all its benefits.⁣⁣
Remember that you can opt for this impressive flower as an Ayurveda medicine, adding hot water and consuming its blue infusion. Add it to desserts, cocktails, pastas, and rice to enjoy its nutrients in creative, colorful options and your favorite foods.⁣⁣
It is a simple drink to prepare and very traditional in Thailand, where it is widely referred to as “Nahm Dok Anchan.” Asia is a continent very attached to natural medicine, in favor of an Ayurveda life. Consuming plants, flowers and leaves to heal, treat and promote an alternative life towards a good health of the body both internally and externally. The truth is, it is a lifestyle that many in El Salvador are beginning to consider. Well today and more than ever, it makes sense to boost your health with quality alternatives that come from nature.⁣

Studies indicate that the Butterfly Blue Pea can help you if:

1. You are in low spirits.
2. You can't concentrate.
3. You feel stressed, anxious.
4. You can't sleep at night.
5. Your vision blurs at times.⁣
6. You are losing your hair prematurely.
7. You just got some gray hair and you're too young to have it.⁣
8. Your skin feels dry and lacking in collagen. ⁣

This flower comes to us directly from Thailand, native to the Asian tropical climate. A flower that is new to the American Continent, but used for centuries and recognized for its great health benefits in its native land.⁣

Its indigo color captures the eye and is also used to dye clothes, rice, pasta, toppings and whatever you can think of. It is a plant loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, a delicious flower to give this Valentine's Day. Try it as Purple Lemonade, add your favorite sweetener and you're good to go. Suitable to enjoy, hot or frozen.

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