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What is a Tea Sommelier?


The most recognized Sommelier is the one who specializes in Wine, responsible for the winery, the person capable of pairing an excellent Merlot with a succulent stew. The word Sommelier, nowadays is also put before tea professionals. This professional is in charge of knowing tea in depth and is highly trained in culture, its service, tasting and of course, pairing.


As more customers become interested in this captivating, enveloping and delicious drink, there is more the need for professionals such as the Tea Sommelier, people trained to spread and spread the passion for this millenary drink, thus opening new business opportunities.


By becoming a Tea Mayoreo Customer, you can opt for Specialized Tea Courses with our Certified Tea Sommelier and Founder, Johanna de Rodríguez. Johanna is now an ITMA Certified Sommelier and is associated with the International Teachers Association of America. He completed his specialization in Tea, after more than 11 years of experience in Fine Coffee Cupping in El Salvador. Academia Barista Pro imports to El Salvador a complete line of Loose Leaf Teas that you can purchase in small quantities and in bulk for your business.


Write to us at to make an appointment with her and learn about our proposal for your business. You can see the CV of Johanna de Rodríguez in the button below.

All of our clients receive specialized tea trainings with our Sommelier. To know details of our wholesale program for your business you can write to us at WhatsApp: 21000978.

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