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Our online option is receiving improvements. Now, you can choose the products you want to buy and contact us to finalize the payment with any credit card through whatsapp (503) 21000978.  

Make your purchases of teas from 1oz onwards in this way. Remember that for wholesale prices, you must contact us at whatsapp.  

Ask about our contactless payment methods and free home delivery for purchases of $ 15 onwards from Monday to Friday in the metropolitan area of San Salvador and Surroundings. 

Egyptian Jamaica Flower 1oz

Egyptian Jamaica Flower 1oz

PriceFrom $8.25
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Our broken Jamaica flower comes from Egypt, the Delta River, certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems, a renowned International certification and recognized in Canada, the USA, Korea, Japan and some European countries. It grows in heights of 1 to 100 feet tall, contains low levels of antioxidants and is suitable for Kosher people, vegetarians and vegans.

It strikes me that like other tisans, Jamaica tea has hundreds of names. In Senegal, it is called Bissap and it is their national drink. In Gambia, the infusion from Jamaica is called Wanjo, in Mali it is known as Dabileni and in Nigeria as Tsobo. In El Salvador it is called, Jamaica Tea, although its history has nothing to do with that country, as it comes from the African continent. The name with which it is baptized is Karkadeh, with which it has been identified since the days when the Egyptian Pharaohs reigned in those lands.

A very famous legend mentions about a book that Tutankhamun had where he contained the recipes to prepare his favorite drinks, which included the preparation of Jamaican tea (Karkadeh). And as they said back then, "If it's good for Pharaoh, how can it not be good for me." ⁣

Enjoy it at home cold or hot. Sweeten it with a touch of honey. Ask for our catalog to know our offer by instant message or by whatsapp: 21000978.⁣

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