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Our online option is receiving improvements. Now, you can choose the products you want to buy and contact us to finalize the payment with any credit card through whatsapp (503) 21000978.  

Make your purchases of teas from 1oz onwards in this way. Remember that for wholesale prices, you must contact us at whatsapp.  

Ask about our contactless payment methods and free home delivery for purchases of $ 15 onwards from Monday to Friday in the metropolitan area of San Salvador and Surroundings. 

Rooibos Organic 1oz

Rooibos Organic 1oz

PriceFrom $7.00
Sales Tax Included |

An organic South African tisane without caffeine. Naturally sweet, with hints of nuts, delicious served hot or ice cream.

ENGLISH: This organic tisane from Southafrica will captivate all your senses. Naturally sweet, nutty notes, delicious served hot or cold. Enjoy this non-caffeinated drink at any time a day.

  • Wholesale Prices

    We appreciate your interest. To apply to our Wholesale Teas program, your minimum tea order must be 4oz. Make an appointment with our Tea Sommelier and Founder Johanna de Rodríguez for an initial tasting and that we share more information and wholesale prices. There are numerous advantages to our Wholesale program:

    1. You will have Home Service

    2. Better Prices.

    3. Free Training for your First Purchase to you and all your staff.

    4. Custom cookbooks.

    5. You will be able to access our Theory of Teas ONLINE for Free.

    6. We will inform you of the latest news about Tea.

    and much more...

    Call us at 21000978 - Write to us at

    Visit us from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm without closing at noon.

    Remember that ABP only accepts payments in cash or checks from Banks in El Salvador.

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