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Chamomile 1oz

Chamomile 1oz

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Our chamomile comes from the delta river in Egypt, it grows at heights from 1 to 100 feet above sea level, it is first grade and new harvest, the flowers are large. Always processed in small batches and dried in the sun. It is suitable for Kosher, Vegetarian and Vegan people. Its infusion is yellow.

There are many varieties of chamomile in the world and also countries where it is native, but none of you who have already tried it can deny that our Egyptian Chamomile is the best. The ultra fertile land of the Nile River creates an environment conducive to growing it. These Chamomile flowers have a beautiful yellow center and white petals, their resemblance in appearance to the daisy is abysmal.

With chamomile you can prepare delicious dishes, essential oils, desserts, aroma therapy, cocktails, infusions, soaps, mineral salts, masks, creams, among many other things. Starting today, for your purchase we give you a small recipe book with practical and useful recipes to replicate at home. Its fragrance is unique, very pleasant and also fruity, like apples. In some parts of Europe, particularly France, chamomile is spread on hallway floors to serve as a natural flavoring agent.

However, its most famous use is always as an infusion, a very delicious, relaxing tisane, with a lot of sweet flavor of caramel and apples. We usually drink it for many ailments, from toothaches to calming the nerves. It has always been a very beneficial Tisane for headaches and properties are known to assist people with insomnia. In many countries, chamomile is called "sleepy tea".

Egyptian chamomile will also help you with your digestive system problems, helping the stomach. In case you didn't know, the botanical name of this flower is Matricaria and it is derived from Latin, a term that means womb, because for centuries it has been used to treat menstrual problems. Chamomile in Greek, translates to "ground apple" in reference to its pleasant fragrance.

Like many herbal tisans, Egyptian chamomile should be consumed without milk, but it is recommended to add honey, lime, lemon, cinnamon, among others. And why not? Combine it with our lavender, peppermint, or add fresh orange peel for a citrus touch.

Chamomile of the best grade in the World from Egypt. Sweet floral notes, with all the relaxing properties of its intense yellow infusion.

ENGLISH: The Chamomile with best proprietors is this one, originally from Egypt. Infuses an intense yellow floral tea with strong aromatics.

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