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What is SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)?


"The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is an association with thousands of coffee professionals and organizations in more than 100 countries around the world."

In the world of coffee, Specialty Coffee Association, better known as SCA has been of great importance. It is a non-profit organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from Baristas to Producers from all over the World.

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is the union of SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America - Specialty Coffee Association of America) established in 1982 and SCAE 1998 (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe - Specialty Coffee Association of Europe); in January 2017. This organization is in charge of watching over coffee in the World, researching to identify areas of growth, offering education programs to standardize and organizing events such as Coffee Expo and other World Coffee competitions (WCE). Have you ever heard of World Barista Championship?

SCA opened branches also in Germany and South Korea, adding these to its 2 main offices in California and the United Kingdom, with the purpose of continuing to expand its functions within the Coffee community. Additionally, it maintains close ties with World Coffee Research and other research institutions including the University of California Davis, Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Texas Technical University.

One of its greatest achievement is education through different programs to which Academia Barista Pro Belongs to. As of October 2020, Academia Barista Pro will be offering certifications of its Coffee Skills Program, where its main focus is to certify and accredit those interested around the world and Latin America.

SCA was built under the foundation of openness, inclusiveness, and the power of shared knowledge, which acts as a force within the specialty coffee industry, creating a circle of like-minded coffee professionals. By enrolling in the SCA Certifications offered by Academia Barista Pro, you will be enrolling in a solid network of coffee professionals in the world.

Becoming part of this exclusive community of specialty coffees as an individual, brings you great benefits both to your professional career, as well as to have access to industry guilds, international events, activities organized and supported by the global network of National Chapters. .

In 2019, it organized more than 61 events around the world, in 23 different countries and on 6 different continents. That same year, SCA celebrated 20 years of organizing the World Barista Championship. This competition was organized in Boston and where Academia Barista Pro had the good fortune to be coaches of the Honduran National Champion Carlos Guerra, who ranked # 16.

For all our certifications you will have to register within the SCA website, both your online exams and Certifications Diplomas will be received on this profile. You can become a Learner or Member, you choose the participation you want and need.

At the moment we arent able to offer Financing for students living outside of El Salvador. If you are living here, please let us know, to present to you options.
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