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Finca San Cayetano, Finca Siberia, Finca Llano Grande and Finca La Fany


It is always a huge privilege for us to visit Orígen! ⁣

This 2021, we leave for Beneficio San Pedro de SICAFE. Located in Apaneca, this mill is surrounded by coffee plantations and maintains a very pleasant climate all year round. We fully immersed ourselves in a process tour with Rafa Silva, 6th generation of producers, with him we learned how an excellent quality standard is maintained for drying, processing and storing our coffees. ⁣

This year has been more special than others, as Academia Barista Pro has negotiated the exclusivity of 100% of SICAFE coffees for El Salvador. Something that we are fully grateful for, because after years of working with the Silva family, their dedication to excellence has always been something that characterizes them and with which we identify a lot. ⁣

Happy to walk, explore, meet and taste delicious coffees, which many of you are already beginning to recognize and love. 

Ask for them and enjoy our exclusive lots of Finca Siberia, Finca San Cayetano, Finca Llano Grande and Finca La Fany.


Finca Siberia, San Cayetano, Llano Grande and La Fany, is currently managed by the children of the 6th generation of producers. Years ago in 1870, Mr. Fabio Morán and Epifamio Silva decided to venture to produce on a plot of land blessed by altitude, in the mountainous region of the Apaneca - Ilamatepeque mountain range, in Santa Ana.


It was baptized, at that time, with the name La Siberia, due to its difficult access, climatic changes and high altitude. Eastern Siberia, which borders the Russian Far East, an area of ​​vast mountainous lands that end in the Bering Strait, where it is also known for its volcanic activity).


Academia Barista Pro is always looking for unique coffees, and this was shown by this one that first time we tried it. Well, Finca Siberia has very precise care, it is a Cup of Excellence Winning Farm managed impeccably by a family, where everyone works different parts and has been doing it for several generations. His experience is extensive in this area, in addition to processing his coffees, his mill also processes several from the same area. It is clean, modern, orderly and full of technology, which identifies it as one of the most renowned in our country. Finally we decided to buy Bourbon and Pacamara, from Finca La Siberia in Anaerobic Fermentation.


This 2019 was the first year that Rafa experimented with the Anaerobic process and obtained very positive results. It was possible to intensify its complexity, refine its acidity and body.


If the process occurs in the presence of oxygen, then we speak of aerobic fermentation. While Anaerobic Fermentation deals with a process of decomposition of sugars limiting the amount of oxygen. This fermentation enhances and intensifies the fruity and sweet attributes of coffee, without producing sour or alcoholic flavors. The process provided distinguished notes of berries, ripe fruits and a pleasant and intense sweetness.



He prepared 3 tanks with hoses that allow the release of oxygen during fermentation. He put 450 pounds of grape coffee in the tanks and these were sealed, he checked his progress every 5 hours measuring the temperature and his PH. Maintained a constant temperature at 20 degrees centigrade; at the end, the lowest PH was 4.02.


He placed the coffee in raised beds in the sun for 5 days and then moved them to the greenhouse where they continued to dry for 30 more days. This slow drying made the intrinsic properties of the grain develop better.


The main objective of this anaerobic fermentation was to highlight a variety that is increasingly scarce. It has been one of the favorites this year, so this 2020, we decided to grab a new batch of Anaerobics from Finca Llano Grande, always from the SICAFE family.

The first coffees that we launched this 2023 are the SL28 from Finca La Siberia and Heirloom from Finca La Fany. We chose these to launch at the PRF El Salvador Coffee Fair and they were very well received. Wait for them soon at our recently roasted coffee stand. 

SL28 - An Ethiopian variety with an excellent cup. We choose washed so you can appreciate its terroir. The bean is large and a very drought tolerant plant, not so disease tolerant, according to World Coffee Research. 

This variety is one of the most respected since its discovery in 1930. Its initials "SL" means that they were part of the selection of varieties by Scotts Laboratories between 1935 and 1939, which is now called the National Agricultural Laboratory. 42 trees of different varieties were studied in a very precise way to see their resistance to pests, drought, etc. 

SL28 is one of the varieties of this group with the highest cup quality and this is confirmed by this seed, prepared by the Silva family. The SL28 variety is confirmed by WCR to come from the Bourbon lineage. 

When we talk about a special wild coffee from the forests of Ethiopia without being able to identify its specific variety, we call it Heirloom. It is an easy way to identify varieties of exquisite Ethiopian quality, whose origin has not yet been defined. 

Ethiopia there is a good mix of varieties growing together and this is known to be common throughout the country. There are some varieties that are identified by the growing area, others are not. There is much more to investigate from the Coffee plant and the Specialty Coffee Association together with World Coffee Research continue to define and identify more in the future. 

What really matters is knowing that this is a delicious Ethiopian variety. If you didn't have the opportunity to try it, wait for it soon at our coffee stand. 

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