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Learn how to Successfully start and operate a Coffee Business WITH Academia Barista Pro

What does Academia Barista Pro offer you ?

After 12 years of experience in the field of coffee and more than 5 in teas & tisanes, Academia Barista Pro is where you ensure your training towards the latest trends in the Coffee Industry. Whether you are interested in working in coffee, building your coffee business or turning your coffee place into a success, we are here to help. You will be able to train with experts in the industry, with vast experience in coffee, coffee businesses and coffee competitions, who will guide you step by step all the way.


Training students to reach their potential is more than just a job, it's our passion and what we strive for. 


Training for coffee:


At Academia Barista Pro we have the most sophisticated equipment, latest technology and top notch gadgets. We want you to train in the best the World has to offer, all your classes are personalized, accepting a max of 4 students and minimum of 1. You will be able to schedule your classes according to your itinerary, from Monday - Saturday, during morning, afternoons or entire days. 


Successful students require the best accessories for their business. We have partnered with excellent accessory companies around the world and have brought brands to El Salvador such as Barista Space, Kalita, and Delter Press.

On 2020 we opened a new branch of courses, led by our Founders and Authorized Training Experts from Specialty Coffee Association. These are all International Certifications all students are now able to consider in order to develop and grow their skills within World parameters, these certifications will be valid anywhere in the world.

Training for Tea:

As a complement to our services and Coffee products, you will find more than 20 different options of Teas & Tisanes. We are proud of our offerings as they have been chosen personally by founder and Certified International Tea Sommelier Johanna de Rodríguez to our quality standards. First crop, from origin, all teas and tisanes are imported directly to Academia Barista Pro. 

For more information on how to sell our Coffee and Tea products you can write to us WhatsApp. 21000978 or call us at 22637706.

We have wholesale prices for coffee and tea products. 

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How Can Academia Barista Pro Help You Set Up a Successful Coffee Business?

Set up a successful coffee business


Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It is very stressful and demands practically all of your time and attention. On the other hand, it can also be a great personal and professional experience. If you already have the company of your dreams in mind, avoid mistakes! Before taking the first step, let us help you analyze if your proposal has a future and prepare yourself here at Academia Barista Pro to overcome the challenges that await you.


Get ready with what you need to open that successful Coffee Business at Academia Barista Pro El Salvador. We have 12 years experience, helping small and large entrepreneurs become successful companies specialized in coffee. 100% of companies or entrepreneurs that choose programs over 10 days in ABP, begin to receive returns immediately. You can visit our clients in El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Honduras, the United States, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, among other countries.


Study Methodology at Academia Barista Pro


Our teaching methodology is to develop the skills of our clients in a personalized way. Our coffee courses are 100% face-to-face, guaranteeing we meet the class objectives in each module. We can get you from level 0 to level 10 in no time. We have 7 different themes: Barista, Brewing, Tasting, Menus, Roasting, Consulting and Extras. Our programs are accessible and you can choose to include the topics that interest you most. Complete Training Programs start from 10 days onwards and include the most advanced technology in the industry, first-rate equipment, and Internationally Certified trainers in different coffee disciplines. At Academia Barista Pro El Salvador you will learn what it takes to set up your own Coffee Business. Stay tuned as we will begin Online Classes this 2021!

Technology at Academia Barista Pro

For us, it has been very important to implement technology in all our coffee classes, providing our students only the best equipment to make a difference, and teach them to be leaders in the industry. On all our Advanced courses students will be learning to use technology to make recipes. We want these to become as important as the tamper or as the espresso machine.

What do you learn at Academia Barista Pro?


The best kept secret at Academia Barista Pro is our Specialty Coffee Offerings. The same coffees we use daily on our classes too! There is no other way to provide best tasting coffee to the customer, than using the best possible beans available to you. Unfortunately, most new coffee businesses open their shops without experience and without training, this makes them vulnerable to their surroundings and competition. Successfull coffee businesses start with a plan of building their business step by step, and we can help you achieve this. We help you understand all you need to know about the before, during every step of the way. 


We are proud to be the Most Modern Barista Academy in Latin America. Students at Academia Barista Pro enjoy and learn with specialized Coffee Equipment and world-renowned brands, such as La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Mahlkoning, Anfim, BUNN, among others.


What Coffees Are Roasted for Class?

One of our goals is to keep innovating towards excellence in order to provide the quality that our customers deserve at all times and for that reason, the coffees that we use are only Specialty Coffees from Cup of Excellence producers in El Salvador. All coffees come from prestigious farms around the country, as it is necessary for us to teach students with the best ingredients in every class. 


See the complete list of coffees HERE


How to contact Academia Barista Pro?




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Private Coffee School in El Salvador

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79 South Avenue and Cuscatlán Street, Plaza Cristal Building, Local 1-2 Colonia Escalon San Salvador El Salvador 00000

Whatsapp & Telephone: (503) 22637706

Class schedule:
Monday to Saturday
9am to 12pm
2pm to 5pm

Monday to Saturday
9am to 5pm

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