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A Cup of Coffee

WHOLESALE coffee & tea

Our Wholesale programs are the best options for your Coffee Shop, Restaurant or Detail Business.


Wholesale Coffees

Are you planning to open a coffee business? Academia Barista Pro, gives you all the training you need and first-class raw materials for all your coffee needs. Ask about our personalized business consultancies.

Academia Barista Pro is a buyer of Specialty Coffees and a Specialized Roaster with more than 14 years experience. We buy the most exclusive batches of coffee directly from 100% Salvadoran producers, who have been awarded prestigious prizes and maintain a high quality standard annually. We want each batch we buy to be exclusive for Academia Barista Pro and our customers.  


We have extensive experience in selection, storage, roasting and packaging of our coffees, you can be sure that your product will always arrive fresh, freshly roasted and in optimal flavor conditions.  

In order to prepare a good coffee menu, you need excellent raw materials. You can be sure of having an exclusive line of specialty coffees waiting for you at Academia Barista Pro.  

To choose a suitable specialty coffee for your Coffee Shop, planning a good menu should be one of your priorities. At Academia Barista Pro you will be able to learn about everything you need, from how to use professional machines properly, to how to prepare an excellent base for your  menu. As of 2020, Academia Barista Pro is the only Central American Coffee School offering 6 different Specialty Coffee Association Certifications, which can be programmed in Spanish and English at any time. If you need practice, there are many options available including Menus, Crepes, Cupping, Brewing, Latte Art and much more. 

In case you are already a Wholesale customer of our coffees and want to opt for a menu of original drinks, send us a line, we can help.

Which producers work with ABP this 2020?

We have been working with most of our coffee suppliers for years and would love for you to meet them HERE.  

If you're not ready to commit to a bulk order, scroll down to fill out a short form and request an appointment with our founder and roaster.  

Cafes Al Mayoreo this year we have 3 different ones. Ask for prices when you contact us for your possible purchase.  

We offer you to buy our coffees from 1 pound, roasted by order in the roast you want to taste and prepare in your favorite method at home or your business.

San Cayetano Bourbon: 

honey process

1400 masl
burned sugar

Bourbon La Fany

Demucilaginated Washed Process
Honey bee
1450 - 1500 masl  

Pacamara La Fany

Demucilaginated washed process
Honey bee

How to contact us?


WhatsApp only: +50321000978

Phone: +503 22637706

Hours: 9am to 5pm.  

Address: 79 South Avenue and Cuscatlán Street Plaza Cristal Building

Local 1-2, Colonia Escalon, San Salvador, El Salvador

Tea Set

Wholesale Teas & Herbs

Planning a tea business? You already have one and want to be able to provide a memorable tea service or simply want to improve your quality and image, Academia Barista Pro can help you.

Academia Barista Pro is a high volume importer of teas and accessories for your business. We have 12 years of experience advising the opening of Business related to the Food Industry, both in El Salvador and internationally. We advise and prepare you so that you can offer our selection of products tailored to your needs.


We currently manage an exclusive line of Teas, we select the best batches and negotiate directly with the producers. We are always looking for the best selection of # grade 1 spring leaves, guaranteeing you intense and fresh infusions.


We are experts in pure teas & herbal teas, as we have a wide variety that will allow you to create and experiment with your own blends for your business.


What is the advantage of buying our teas & tisans in bulk?


Academia Barista Pro is a reliable supplier, we love being able to create lasting relationships. When you buy our teas & herbal teas wholesale you get the following benefits:


  • Higher profit margin

  • Great savings per purchase volume

  • You can customize our product as you like

  • Shipping at no additional cost to the entire metropolitan area of ​​San Salvador

  • Ongoing staff and owner training with our International Certified Sommelier


Tea tasting


If you're not ready to commit to a bulk order, scroll down to fill out a short form and request a tea tasting with our sommelier.


How to contact us?


If you want to buy volume, we have special prices for you.



Whatsapp: 50321000978

Telephone: 503 22637706


Address: 79 Avenida Sur and Calle Cuscatlán Plaza Cristal Building

Local 1-2, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador


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