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White Chocolate Chips with Matcha Green Tea


The mother of all green tea is Matcha. The greenest product of any food and drink in the world, the natural energizing drink from nature. There can be no greener than with Matcha tea. Camellia that grows under shade, leaves carefully chosen, deveined and pulverized by granite wheels, to increase the jade green color to its maximum splendor. Once it comes into contact with water, it creates a unique, beautiful and intensely delicious powder.

For more than a millennium, the Japanese have honored their ceremonies with Matcha powder, making it an exclusive drink that enriches their lives with powerful benefits. Matcha is not exclusive to Japan, in fact China was the first country where this type of tea was registered almost more than 1000 years before Japan, however it was the latter, which adopted it as its tea for ceremonies.

When preparing Matcha tea, you are preparing your drink with the complete leaves, as opposed to tea bags or loose leaves, which are infused in water. Matcha contains many more nutrients than other teas and it is much richer in antioxidants than any green tea, fruit or vegetable on the planet. It is literally the healthiest drink in the world and that nature offers us, providing 100% natural energy to all who consume it.

Zen Buddhists have used Matcha for over 800 years, knowing that taking it greatly contributes to their health. In Japan, where green tea is prepared with every meal and is accessible in any restaurant, Matcha is considered the highest quality and the most flavorful. Its unique flavor and benefits have quickly made it a recognized ingredient for drinks, gelatos, smoothies, lattes, chocolates, sorbets, and a myriad of desserts and meals. It can also be found as a main ingredient in many nutritional supplements and various beauty and hygiene products.

Find 3 different types of Matcha in Academia Barista Pro. 1 Standard / Culinary that we keep in stock all year round and 2 Ceremonials that you can order we bring you as a special product.

Note: It would be crazy if we classified Matcha by its color. Undoubtedly there are differences in the areas where it is grown, for example: areas like Shizuoka, on the southern coast of Japan tend to have softer, less intense colors. A more intense matcha of colors are those from Uji, a city south of Kyoto.

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Below you will find our Matcha in 2 oz. If you wish, you can request we pack 1oz.

Become a Wholesale Tea Customer and receive exclusive Price, Tasting, Training with our Certified Tea Sommelier and many more benefits. Make an appointment for your start tasting by calling us at 21000978.




Grade : Culinary

Origin : Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Name : Japanese Matcha

Flavor: Sweet with Umami

Ingredients: Japanese Gyokuro

Recommendation: Prepare to drink Alone or accompanied.

We have managed to acquire a special batch of this tea, the same producer of our Ceremonial Matcha.

Students and Clients will be able to see the vignette in its original size when entering the system.

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