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Recommendations for preparing Loose Leaf Teas

You have already taken the first step, you stopped buying pre-packed tea bags and bought gourmet loose leaf tea at Academia Barista Pro. So it is our duty, to tell you the tips you should know, to prepare these leaves and enjoy your teas or tisanes in optimal conditions. Preparing it following our steps will guarantee you a more delicious tea, making it an experience like no other.

Learn why we don't recommend tea powder bags. HERE

Cuchara obsoleta como metodo de medicion


One tablespoon will NEVER give you the right measure!


Measuring the leaves by the tablespoon will vary the flavors of your tea immensely. Academia Barista Pro recommends that you avoid the spoon at all times. You could spoon a large amount of tea if it is one with small leaves and on the contrary, if it is one with large leaves.


Measuring ingredients with a digital scale is much more accurate than using other calculation systems, it also takes less time and less kitchen utensils get dirty. Electronic or digital scales stand out for their precision and for their lightweight design, easy to clean and store. They are scales that provide a very accurate weight with a minimum of error. An electronic or digital kitchen scale is therefore the best option to weigh your loose leaf teas that you bought at Academia Barista Pro.


Buy your Scale at Academia Barista Pro for $ 50. Scale with decimals.


TIP: Buy a scale that has Decimals.

Agua para te


Water is one of the most important ingredients for tea. When preparing your loose leaf tea, it will be important to pay attention to the quality of the water we use. When we talk about water quality, we recommend buying bottled water or using filtered water, this guarantees a better extraction and therefore a better taste in the cup.

TIP: Buy a couple of different brands of water and try the same tea with each one. We can recommend watermarks for your next visit.

What are the right TEMPERATURES to prepare each tea?


White - 180 ° F

Green - 165 ° F

Oolong - 185 ° F

Black - 195 ° F

Tisanes - 195 ° F

What do I make my tea with? What are the methods we recommend the most?
Infusor EZ Brew en El Salvador


filtro de taza para te en el salvador, precios mayoreo disponible

$ 9.61 - PRICES


Brewing loose leaf tea doesn't have to be complicated. If you don't want to invest a lot, we recommend our metal filters or if you prefer our practical EZ BREW infuser, both infuse any loose leaf tea directly into your cup. These infusers allow all types of large leaf to fully expand and infuse as it should. Easy to clean, totally portable and you can use it with any mug you have at home.


What are the methods we DO NOT recommend?
Filtro Metalico para Te

Metal or plastic ball filters are already very popular, they can even be found in the supermarket. The reason these are not suitable methods for infusing tea leaves is because of their size. The leaves break and compact, they do not have enough room to expand during extraction, your cup becomes soft and possibly adding bitterness.

filtro metalico para te
Filtro Metalico para te
filtro metalico para te
filtro metalico para te

We recommend that you avoid tea bags. Most sachets are filled with broken, damaged, or waste leaves. Unfortunately its extraction, flavor and benefits are not the same. They also already contain a predetermined measure of tea, who likes to be limited in the amount of tea we want to enjoy?

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