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In Person and Distance Learning SCA Certifications

Coffee Skills Program

You may opt for only Foundation Classes remotely. We do offer most Online, the only we do not are Roasting and Barista. Please ask us for more info on this and more possibilities. 

Its amazing to see you interested in Specialty Coffee Association Classes at Academia Barista Pro. You may opt for all 7 Foundation Courses Online. The entire program is offered in English and In Person Training. 


Introduction to Coffee

In Person or Distance Learning


Green Coffee Foundation

In Person or Distance Learning


Sensory Skills Foundation

In Person or Distance Learning


Roasting Foundation

In Person or Distance Learning


Introduction to Coffee

In Person or Distance Learning


Green Coffee Foundation

In Person or Distance Learning

Sustainability Program

Below you will find information pertaining our Sustainability Program. This is the ONLY SCA Program that you may do REMOTELY. Follow the program and start your Foundations class now!

Available English Certifications from the Coffee Sustainability Program - In Person and Distance Learning 


Sustainability Foundation

In Person & Distance Learning Available


Sustainability Professional

In Person & Distance Learning Available


Sustainability Intermediate

In Person & Distance Learning Available

Study Both SCA Certification Programs – Coffee Skills – and - Sustainability in English. More than 7 different Certifications, 6 with 3 different levels of specialization. We offer In person and Online Trainings for some of these.

There is no better way to learn Coffee than with Academia Barista Pro. We are located in El Salvador Central America and if you choose to travel here to receive your personal training with us, you may opt to integrate Coffee Farm trips to top producing farms around El Salvador.


Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Training is only part of the curriculums we offer here. Our formal, exclusive and personalized training will give you hands off the best coffee education worth your investment.

You can make sure Academia Barista Pro will teach you everything you need to know to acquire competence, fundamental for your business. We have been teaching coffee for over 15 years now and have the experience to train you ground up.

All Coffee SCA Courses may be scheduled In person and Online.  With Online Coffee Courses you need to know, we require you to have certain equipment.

All SCA Coffee Online Courses come with a Kit of Coffees for activities. Shipping for this kit is quoted separately from course fee, depending on your location. This kit is not mandatory but highly recommended. We include some of our best coffees for class, all from Top Producers.

Let us know if you need help choosing the right SCA Coffee Certifications for you. You may write to us in English to our whatsapp. +50321000978

Coffee Tecnitians Program 

We offer the first Coffee Tecnitians class in Foundation Level Online and In person trainings. Please ask us for more below.

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