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If you still have questions about this certification or want any other information, you can write us a message via whatsapp: +50322637706

Sustainability Program


Sustainability Professional


The Professional level course offers an intensive, practical experience in which students design, carry out, and assess their own sustainability project in accordance with their individual, organizational, or business goals and capabilities. The Professional class is designed to be taught over a period of 6 to 8 months, with in-class sessions (online or in-person) to support students as they design and carry out their projects. By the end of the course, students will be able to:


• Identify measures of accountability, success, and progress on a sustainability issue of the students’ choice.


• Engage extensively with debates, policies, and practices of sustainability across multiple points of the value chain.


• Lead others in discussion and practice of these issues and serve as a mentor for future students.


• Identify, develop, carry out, and assess a sustainability effort that (a) fits within the student’s individual, business, or organization capabilities, (b) can be measured and traceable, (c) contains structures of accountability. Students will then assess and reflect critically on this project’s successes and failures.


• Serve as an advocate for intelligent sustainability programming across the coffee industry by making educated choices about tradeoffs, sustainability costs, and concepts

• Execute leadership in sustainability programming within the specialty coffee industry.

Final Project Evaluation


The independent project consists of several components. You must score 70% or better on each component (not an average of all three) to receive the Coffee Sustainability Program Professional Certificate.


Phase I: Project Proposal


After completing the lecture component of Sustainability Professional, you will establish bi- weekly communication with your AST in preparation for submission of a draft of your professional project proposal for feedback. You will also seek the guidance of two mentors in the industry with specific expertise on your topic, and request they be able to provide guidance to you over the course of your project in the form of email responses and/or brief phone calls to answer questions. 


Phase II: Project Execution


Once your proposal is approved, project execution will begin. You are expected to execute at least one part of your project plan, leaving enough time for evaluation of the execution and final report writing. 


Phase III: Project Evaluation and Final Report


Your final score is not based on whether your project works as intended, but on your ability to assess and evaluate that project.


Your final project design and presentation will be assessed based on content, incorporated revisions, complexity, organization, and demonstrated understanding of the course and project objectives.


DURATION OF THIS CERTIFICATION:  1 or 2 weekly meetings for 6 to 8 months. 

Online Class: 

Schedule is flexible, just speak to me about this over whatsapp: +503 22637706

Sessions will be accomodated to students World CLOCK. 

Online sessions may be divided into 3 hour or 2 hour depending on what clients need.

Includes: All meetings will be Online.

PREREQUISITES: Sustainability Foundation, Green Coffee Foundation, Introduction to Coffee.  


There is no practical examination requirement, students grade will be based on their final project and what quality work they do in class. 

SCHEDULE: This course will be taught Online.  

Both In Person and Online Trainings: will be taught by  AST Johanna de Rodriguez

REGISTRATION: You must have completed the payment of Fees at 100% of this certification to ensure your space. If the student wants, they can pay in cash or check the value of the exam before starting their first course.  

If you have any further questions, you can contact us directly at whatsapp: +50321000978.  

PAYMENT : Fees can be canceled ONLINE by requesting the payment link, by means of a transfer or International transfer to the Banco America Central of El Salvador account.

FINANCING:  Financing is not available for International Students. 

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