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Distance & Face-to-Face - Spanish SCA Sustainability in Coffee Foundation Level

Distance & Face-to-Face - Spanish SCA Sustainability in Coffee Foundation Level

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International Certification - Sustainability Foundation Level (Foundation) - 5 points - Online Exam

Are you part of the Coffee Industry? Are you looking for an improvement in your business with sustainable responsibility? What is Sustainability? How can you get on the sustainability boat? What problems do we face in the Coffee Industry? Anyone who works in the coffee sector will benefit from this International Certification. 

The Fundamentals Level Sustainability Certification covers the main challenges facing the coffee industry today and offers basic knowledge about what the term <Sustainability> means, how it is linked to power dynamics, practices and current events. and historical, as well as various coffee projects.

This class has been designed to have a wide practical application and be very attractive for newcomers to coffee, or for those who, despite having been in this world for a long time, want to better understand sustainability within the value chain. .

Students will acquire the key skills and knowledge they need to start making substantial changes in their own businesses or prepare to take Intermediate and/or Professional Certifications.

This SCA Certification is ideal for professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of sustainability and becoming better sustainability ambassadors in their current role or company, or developing new skills to help support existing goals or initiatives.

The Coffee Sustainability Program de Specialty Coffee Association is new and of great importance for the coffee industry.


It is about changing or educating mentalities to promote sustainability. Being sustainable is giving value to the economic, social and environmental aspects, to achieve comprehensive changes that have a positive impact on our future.

Specialty Coffee Association, (SCA), together with professional coffee leaders, worked on this issue at the root; looking for those who take this program to make a difference in the Coffee Industry in their countries. The Sustainability Program always consists of 3 levels of specialization.

Barista Pro Academy, with this program, seeks to change the perspective of everyone, from someone who produces coffee to the person who only consumes it. It turns out that Sustainability is achieved collectively and if we all get involved.

This program invites us to recognize the value of those individuals, companies, and organizations that are currently working on projects that promote sustainable efforts in Coffee. Creative business models, strategies and leadership approaches towards an exceptional way of seeing the World.

People who follow these 3 levels of specialization will be trained to pursue equity, prioritize mutual benefits, and contribute to the industry in a sustainable way. They will be able to speak properly on the subject, efficiently addressing the social, economic and environmental problems facing the coffee sector.


We invite you to the first level of specialization en COFFEE SUSTAINABILITY. 

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