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Producer: Carlos Batres

Despite not visiting this farm often, we can attest that Don Carlos continues to take the best care of his production, as he is one of the producers that delivers to us in Parchment. We want to take care and have the best control over all stages before we hull and select to our Gourmet preferences. Year after year he sells us coffee located at the highest point in his farm called The Crater, at more than 1800 meters above sea level. This coffee has become a classic in our offer and without a doubt, one of the specialty coffees we couldn't live without.

Don Carlos has worked with us and sold us his best coffees now for over 10 years. What we most appreciate is from day 1, he  us a promised we would be his only clients in El Salvador, a promise he has sustained over time. 


It is one of the largest producers in our country, currently with approximately 800 acres of land. His farm has a strategic location, as it is on and in a dormant volcano called Las NINFAS. El Salvador is known for being a land of volcanoes, these extend throughout the country, there are more than 20 volcanoes in a very small area of ​​land, so it is not uncommon for several farms to be located in the faults of a majestic one. Montecarlos turns out to be no exception to this rule, but unlike others that share the skirts with another farm; Montecarlos extends from the lower part, to the upper part and all around the crater, to the north, south, east and west of the Volcano. Really impressive!

Volcanic soils nourish its coffees and all around the land you see Geysers escaping and throwing minerals to the land, they also happen to be natural water sources. These water sources are used to process all of the coffee from the farm. Whats curious about these water sourses is they are not natural water, they are of mineral water, much like a salvadoran Perrier.

Montecarlos grows Bourbon, Pacamara, Caturra and Catuaí and has saved over 200 acres of Natural Virgin forests. 

In 2014 we received an invitation from our friend and producer Carlos Batres to visit his Montecarlos farm. This is a very tempting offer that we couldn't resist. Carlos has been in the coffee business for over 40 years, his coffee is sold around the world and he is famous for its impeccable quality.

After the tour and a delicious lunch, we had a cup of coffee made by Carlos at Prensa Francesa, while we sat down to appreciate the volcanic lake that forms in the volcano's crater in front of his house to talk and listen to thousands of animal sounds and birds all over that beautiful farm.


Producer Carlos Batres

Montecarlos farm


Double Wash Crater Plank Pacamara - IN STOCK

Gesha Plank Crater Quadruple Washed - IN STOCK

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