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Competencia de Cafe Nacional e Internacional, Entrenamientos para Competencias de Cafe

Client: Carlos Gerra

Company: Café San Rafael

Country: Honduras

Training with ABP: 2 Nationals and 1 World Cup

Titles won: 2 National Competitions and 1 World Cup

WBC World RANK 2019: # 16 in the World




At Academia Barista Pro we believe that learning about coffee is something very personal, that is why at this time we have not enabled online learning.

Coffee Programs for Internationals Outside of El Salvador?


We have 2 different types of training for Internationals who want us to travel to their country. Training for established Coffee Shops or New Coffee Shops and Training for National and International Competitions.


Coffee Trainings for New Coffee Shops outside of El Salvador

More than 12 years of experience in personalized training for coffee shops, training different businesses in the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia. In addition to clients who travel to El Salvador to receive their trainings, we are willing to travel to train your entire staff, help you open your business and make it a successful business right from the start.

Our trainings go hand in hand with global practices and guidelines. They will be the difference that helps you catapult yourself to the top fast within the specialty coffee business and coffee shops in your area. All programs and trainings that take place outside Academia Barista Pro El Salvador are priced in a personalized way. You can write to us directly to quote your training HERE

In order to quote you, we will need the following details:


- In which country would the training take place?

- How many people would participate in this training?

- What program are you interested in or which one is close to what you would like?

- Do you already have your coffee business or do you plan to open one?

- Will this training be in English or Spanish?

Outside of the training fees, for us to travel to your country, you must be responsible for travel, food, daily transportation and accommodation of the Trainer. In order to travel, clients must have the Barista equipment and materials for classes ready. These materials are not included in our Fees.

Coffee Trainings for Coffee Shops already established outside of El Salvador

Success in a global business is affected and we are not only talking about Covid, those entrepreneurs who have not managed to develop strategies to value coffee and become successful within that topic, will suffer the most during this time.

We have helped thousands of companies develop their menu, their staff and improve at the operational level within the already established business. You will go on to serve a delicious and complete menu of coffee-based drinks that your client will appreciate.

We understand that competition is advancing by leaps and bounds and our duty is to stay one step ahead of them at all time. For this reason, we offer you a complete coffee training for all staff, where they are taught world-renowned techniques and we get rid of mal practices. They are taught techniques of consistency, how to care for professional equipment, and how to dazzle with latte art.

The purpose of our coffee trainings for established businesses, is to provide the opportunity for owners to develop operational strategies, where their entire staff achieves the desired level of learning, preparing efficient and delicious drinks at all times.

During these trainings a full menu of drinks is shared with them with step by step instructions, drinks you can adopt to your business immediately.


Providing an exceptional quality service and beverages that work towards differentiation, promotes the image of a brand locally.

You can quote training services for full staff from 7 days in your country minimum, where we work step by step to train them and leverage them to the level you need to succeed.

Coffee Training for Competition Outside of El Salvador

We have come to the conclusion that the reason we competed from the beginning was to see and compare our level with the best in El Salvador.


Even so, the learning that this first experience left us was not to compare ourselves, it was to improve to reach further and it gave us the opportunity to see what we needed to improve to be better. This hunger for knowledge led us to want to dive right in and look for all kinds of technology to improve.


Despite the fact that Covid postponed our plans to compete throughout 2020 and possibly throughout 2021, year after year we have managed to train winning students. It is something that motivates us to continue, the desire to train for competition both nationally and internationally, is fed by our students exceeding any expectation. Such is the case of our last training session with the Two time National Champion of Honduras, Carlos Guerra, owner of Café San Rafael. ( Learn more about him here )

Coffee Competitions are fun, it is likely that at any time in your life you have participated in one. The truth is that a competition is much more fun if it leads to professional growth, beyond rank. Today, coffee competitions are held in more than 150 countries around the world. There are Coffee Competitions pertaining cupping, Barista, Brewing, and Latte Art.

If you are willing to Compete at the National or International level in World Coffee Events, consider our trainings to learn what is required of you in competition. After 12 years of experience, our trainings include everything you need to know to represent your business or country in the best way.

These trainings are carried out only with Both Founders of Academia Barista Pro. We recommend that you travel to El Salvador to receive them.

Training in Dominican Republic

Calcali Cafe Republica Dominicana con Academia Barista Pro

Competition Training in Honduras


Competition Training in SWITZERLAND

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