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CVA (Coffee Value Assessment)

This 2-day session is designed for individuals with cupping experience or those who have already completed the Sensory Skills course to at least the Intermediate level. This class taught by Johanna de Rodríguez is for those interested in learning more about the CVA (Coffee Value Assessment), SCA's New Coffee Cupping Protocol.

The Coffee Value Assessment Course for Cuppers is a two-day professional update for coffee cuppers. During the course, participants will learn and become familiarized with the SCA's new Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) system as a tool to evaluate coffee quality. The course is full of hands-on activities to demonstrate the elements of CVA, including several cuppings, though it also includes some lectures and time for discussion. A certificate will be issued to those students who pass both the theoretical and practical tests, attesting that they have acquired CVA as a cupping tool.

This will potentially benefit students who want to discover if CVA aligns with their coffee aspirations through an engaging practical session. This in-person introductory session is a fantastic opportunity to learn, explore, and ignite passion for this new, more comprehensive Cupping System.


  • General Objective: After completing the CVA Course for Cuppers, participants will be able to correctly use and integrate the SCA's Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) tools into their cupping practice.

  • Specific Objectives: After completing the CVA Course for Cuppers, participants will be able to:

    • Identify and utilize the new CVA sensory references.

    • Explain the function and background of the key sensory assessment tools used in CVA: 15-point intensity scales, CATA lists, and hedonic scales.

    • Use the CVA Descriptive and Affective Forms to describe and evaluate coffee.

    • Explain and use the new CVA system, including the descriptive, affective, and extrinsic evaluation tools.

Target Audience:

  • Coffee Professionals: Baristas, roasters, cuppers, buyers, etc.

  • Coffee Cupping Professionals: Q Graders, Sensory Skills Students from Intermediate Level and above.

  • Producers: Old and New Generations

This course is aimed at current cuppers who use the 2004 SCA cupping protocol, including but not limited to: professional cuppers, Q Arabica Graders or former Q Arabica Graders, people who use the SCA cupping system at least once a month or have used it intensively at some point in the past few years.


In-person Training


The SCA Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) is a relatively new evaluation system, launched in 2023 by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Essentially, it's a tool to discover the comprehensive value of a coffee by considering a variety of aspects.

Here are some key points about the CVA:

Multidimensional Evaluation: Unlike the SCA's previous cupping scoring system (which focused primarily on taste), the CVA incorporates four separate evaluation types to avoid bias: sensory, physical, chemical, and supply chain aspects.

Emphasis on Transparency: The CVA aims to provide a transparent record of the valued attributes in a coffee, enabling producers, roasters, and buyers to make informed decisions.

Benefit for the Entire Supply Chain: The CVA seeks to create a more equitable system in the coffee industry, allowing producers to demonstrate the value of their coffee beyond taste, considering characteristics such as sustainable practices or unique processing methods.

Develop your Sensory Skills

Below you will find all options to dive deep into Sensory Skills and Become a great professional Coffee Cupper. Just remember that if you are new at this, you should start with Sensory Foundation level.

How to program SCA Classes?

Students Living in El Salvador:

You may program any English class with advanced payment of honorary fee. Exams will be paid in full the day of your class. Keep in mind your exam fee may be different for every class you take. We receive payment over local bank transfer, cash, local bank checks or credit cards. 

English students ONLINE: 

Online students may program a class by paying Full Tuition. This includes honorary fee and Exams. Student will not pay anything extra. In order to register and reserve your class on our calendar, payment must be received in full before. We do offer for students willing to pay for shipping (extra fee) a Coffee Kit for each class. This kit we prepare for each student and may take up to 4 days in preparing and shipping it to your country. We recommend students thinking of this option, to program after they receive their kit. For students not intending to receive their KIT of coffees from ABP, they may ask for a list of materiales and equipment once they pay for their class. 

International students traveling to Academia Barista Pro: 

All students traveling to ABP to receive their ENGLISH SCA Classes, must pay their honorary fee in advance. SCA Exams will be paid in cash, the day of your class. Students must first program their classes with us, be sure to have paid their honorary fee in order to plan their travel and accomodations in El Salvador. We recommend 1 month before class booking. Make sure you send us a Whatsapp message if you are thinking of this option. We may program all your SCA Classes in 1 trip depending on the Level you need.

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