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Nuestra opción en línea esta recibiendo mejoras. Ahora, puedes elegir los productos que desees comprar y contactarnos para finalizar el pago con cualquier tarjeta de crédito por medio de whatsapp (503) 21000978. 

Realiza tus compras de tés desde 1oz en adelante de esta forma. Recuerda que para precios mayoreo, debes contactarnos al whatsapp. 

Pregunta por nuestras formas de pago sin contacto y servicio a domicilio Gratis por compras de $15 en adelante de Lunes a Viernes en zona metropolitana de San Salvador y Aledaños. 

Initial Coffee Business Consultory

Initial Coffee Business Consultory

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It is imperative that you get the right advice and look for the information that will help you start your own Coffee Business, no matter where you are. In this 2 hour Business Consultory with our Founder Jonathan Rodriguez, you will be able to ask the most important Initial setups, investment, financing, operational questions that you havent been able to master. 


We do however recommend, you come prepared with all the questions you need answers with, price of leasing, initial investment #´s and the idea of your project to have Jonathan Help you the most. 


This Consultory may be scheduled with him Online or in Person in English. 

We offer Consultories to Coffee Shops and Coffee Businesses with ample experience, if you need our help, reach out. 


Type of questions to be answered: 

What type of coffees you need to buy and providers in your area?

What type of equipment you need for your specific project and market?

Indispensable Utensiles for your specific needs?

If its in El Salvador, we recommend specific permits. 


Initial budget and investment

Return on Investment


Please keep in mind that Jonathan is only an advisor for this Consultory, and would not be teaching you certain skills we recommend you learn from our Coffee Course Curriculum. 

We recommend you come prepared with your own budget, quotes, and questions to be able to get all the info you need first hand. Program this Consultory with us through whatsapp: +50321000978 - This is a coffee consultory that could be IN PERSON or ONLINE. 

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