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Our online option is receiving improvements. Now, you can choose the products you want to buy and contact us to finalize the payment with any credit card through whatsapp (503) 21000978.  

Make your purchases of teas from 1oz onwards in this way. Remember that for wholesale prices, you must contact us at whatsapp.  

Ask about our contactless payment methods and free home delivery for purchases of $ 15 onwards from Monday to Friday in the metropolitan area of San Salvador and Surroundings. 

Introduction to Coffee SCA

Introduction to Coffee SCA

Sales Tax Included |

Starting in November we will be offering the Introduction to Coffee Certification ONLINE for the first time. 


Fees: $125+iva = $141.25

Exam: $84  = $84


Optionally, you can request us to send the Coffee Kit of the activities to your address outside the country.  Shipments are made with DHL only.  You will receive at the door of your house  coffees already roasted from the activities with an instruction manual, keep in mind that, throughout Central America, a package with gold or roasted coffee may incur tariffs that will not be included in the shipment. You may also require special permits to enter your country. 


All shipments are quoted with your full address detail. Take into account that shipments to the entire American continent take 3 to 5 business days. Ask us for your kit well in advance. We will be publishing the last date to receive the Kits within the schedules of each class. 


You can learn more about this certification HERE  - Fees include Lunch. Exam fee must be paid in cash. Contact us for details on how to pay your registration on time and  secure your spot. 


For this ONLINE Certification the maximum quota is 10 people. 


For Online Customers - We require Advance payment of Fees, Examination and Shipping in case you choose to receive the samples by DHL.


Approximate Shipping for SCA Activity Kit for Introduction to Coffee Certification: 

Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua: $45 (4 to 5 business days)

USA California: $45 (4 to 5 business days)

USA Florida: $45 (4 to 5 business days)



For Online Clients who live in El Salvador, we will be preparing their Kits at the Academy, if your address is within the SS metropolitan area you can choose to do so at no additional cost. For clients who live outside of SS, they must come and bring their KITS to the Academy from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. 

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