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SCA Green Coffee Course Online

Green Coffee Foundation ONLINE 100% ENGLISH

Dive deep into the understanding of the Coffee plant and what it takes to produce it. What aspects are important to be able to consider it a Specialty Coffee bean? This Specialty Coffee Association Certification in foundation level will give you the basic understanding of what quality standards have to be met to commercialize the coffee bean worldwide.

Learn the Key Concepts surrounding Green Coffee: Production, processing, classification, transportation, storage, arrival at destination. Learn the challenges affecting production with weather and what can we do to mitigate them.

This is a class, where we learn everything the producer goes through to grow this amazing bean. But not just any, what we call Specialty Coffee.

OPTIONAL: We can mail you a kit, or you can source locally to follow activities.

You may book this Class ONLINE in 2 sessions or in person Training 1 day.

Send us a whatsapp for more info: +50321000978

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