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What is Academia Barista Pro?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

ABP, as we call ourselves, has been in business for over 15 years in El Salvador. We are a private Coffee School located in the heart of Central America, with an international curriculum made for coffee lovers to learn the ropes of this business, no matter where they are. Our students may opt for a wide rage of curriculums available. Practices from ABP are recommended for students as a hobby, you will learn the basic on each subject and practice is the main focus. Under the most complete education, we decided to pair our education experience with Specialty Coffee Association curriculum. This is the most complete set of Coffee Education we have available at ABP. We are now proud to be the only Latin American Coffee School offering 2 SCA Coffee Programs - Coffee Skills Program and Sustainability Program. Both curriculums will help students new potential business nationally and internationally in their companies while standardizing their protocols to meet SCA specifications.

ABP is managed and owned by Jonathan Rodríguez and wife Johanna de Rodríguez, both certified ASTs whom have believed since day 1 in quality education. The individual models available are: Introduction to Coffee, Barista, Brewing, Sensory, Green Coffee, Roasting and as of November 2022, we are proud to carry one very important module called Sustainability in Coffee.

We recommend you plan out with us your SCA Courses and Certification modules ahead of time, or look for our Schedule in Google Calendar, in SCA Website or by following our Instagram and Facebook Pages. If interested in traveling to El Salvador to take some of these let us know, register with them directly through whatsapp. +(503) 21000978.

Eventhough coffee is in our brains, heart and veins, 4 years ago, founder Johanna de Rodríguez, became an International Certified Tea Sommelier by ITMA Tea Masters Association in USA. Now she also oversees communication with all our Tea Providers Worldwide, making sure we get the quality we strive for in every batch we buy. She is in charge of looking for new blends and teas from any country we seek. As of right now we are importing teas from China, Albania, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, India, Kenya and others. Academia Barista Pro sells 100% imported whole leaf teas for Coffee Shops, Restaurants and local distributors nation wide. We also sell our teas online and wholesale. If you are interested in our products dont hesitate to give us a call or chat with us with in English through whatsapp. (503) 21000978.

Every year Jonathan and Johanna choose the best Micro, Nano and Pico lots available in the market, from Cup of Excellence winners only, producers with vast experience and keen for providing coffee with extra selection. All our coffees maintain a European or Gourmet Standard, they are Strictly High Grown and are 86PLUS. These same coffees you will be able to try in all our classes, always roasted before each one. Purchase from our On the Go Stand every week, we roast different Specialty Coffees for you to buy and enjoy at home. Ask us to deliver to you if you live in El Salvador Metropolitan area.

What have we won? Since 2008 we have been keen to participate in National and International competitions, making it a priority to learn from mistakes and keep standing tall whenever possible. Every year we have winners in competition, we have a detailed list of all winners in our webpage, under Programs - Competition.

In this post Id like to talk to you about our last competitions, when our student Carlos Guerra won twice 1st place Barista National Championship in Honduras consecutively. The first year we traveled with him to World Barista Championship in Boston where he won 16th place in the World, the second year he won, pandemic struck worldwide and we were left with everything ready to travel to Australia. World Barista Championship has not yet been organized, as we wait for this competition to arrive in the near future, we are sure we will do a great job.

We thank all our clients your preference in National and International competitions. Every year more and more people decide for us to train and roast their coffees for national and international competitions. We just hope to see more chances to compete in the future without Covid.

Remember we can roast any coffee you wish from 2 bags of 12oz or pounds up.

Try our freshly roasted coffee every week, from Monday through Saturday. Ask for delivery or come and pick up.

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