Practical Stainless Steel Infusers for you to prepare your favorite loose leaf teas. The great advantage of these is that you can choose large or small cups, without worrying about their size. Very resistant to heat and high temperatures. Excellent size for large or small cut sheets.

In Academia Barista Pro you will find infusers of the ideal size for you to infuse large and small leaves to enjoy the most delicious flavors. We have the best options so that you always get the best result without compacting or breaking your tea leaves. Available at Academia Barista Pro, you can visit us from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, without closing at noon.


Metal Tea Basket Infuser

$ 9.61

BUY YOUR Food Grade Stainless Steel Metal Basket Infuser


Which Tea Infusers does Academia Barista Pro recommend?

Without a doubt, Academia Barista Pro loose leaf teas will be the best option for you. But something is true, you will have to invest in a suitable infuser to prepare them.

True amateurs prefer loose leaf teas for their incredible flavors and attributes, which you could be limiting with an inappropriate infuser. Choosing the right infuser sounds like the easiest task, but it can actually be tricky if you don't know your options.