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Tisane Herbal | Roasted Yerba Mate  from Brazil, Paraná 1oz

Tisane Herbal | Roasted Yerba Mate from Brazil, Paraná 1oz

PriceFrom $8.00
3 Grams
Sales Tax Included |

For the first time we have within our offer of tisanes, the long-awaited Yerba Mate. Coming from the Paraná region, Brazil. Harvested between 1500 to 3000 feet high, it is a new crop, roasted, cut and cleaned under a traditional process and in small quantities. ⁣

You can enjoy its high content of antioxidants, it is suitable for Kosher, Vegetarian and Vegan people. Our Yerba Mate Tostada has a delicious astringency, it is smooth, with a very traditional toasted flavor. It is the perfect touch to get up in the morning, as it contains a high concentration of caffeine. Yerba mate, is a drink rich in Vitamin C, helps you avoid infections, gives an energy boost to your immune system, helps you control blood sugar levels and prevents infections.

The Yerba Matte tree, which in Latin is called LLex Paraguariensis, is a tree with green leaves all year round, native to the mountains of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Although this product is widely exported to the world, most of it is consumed locally in these countries. It is common for those who have visited these lands to meet people sharing the Mate in parks or on a beach day.

Yerba Mate from South America is almost always consumed as a hot drink. Yerba Mate is known as "the drink of the gods," by many indigenous people in South America who have been drinking it for centuries. The Jesuit missionaries were responsible for seeing its economic potential, making it popular in the world and commercializing it, creating the first Yerba Mate plantations in the 1600s.

By 1770 this drink was so popular throughout the continent that it was served in most homes throughout the day. Traditionally it is taken from a container called "mate" and a straw called "bombilla". A custom that continues to this day.

Try our toasted Yerba Mate. Ask for it from Monday to Saturday in our hours from 9am to 5pm. Remember that you can send us a WhatsApp message to 21000978 with your questions and comments.

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