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Our online option is receiving improvements. Now, you can choose the products you want to buy and contact us to finalize the payment with any credit card through whatsapp (503) 21000978.  

Make your purchases of teas from 1oz onwards in this way. Remember that for wholesale prices, you must contact us at whatsapp.  

Ask about our contactless payment methods and free home delivery for purchases of $ 15 onwards from Monday to Friday in the metropolitan area of San Salvador and Surroundings. 

Barista Course / Practice

Barista Course / Practice

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Academia Barista Pro defines the Barista  as the person who manages to prepare delicious coffee drinks with any equipment; professional or not. This person knows about the History of Coffee, its Processes and seeks to promote its correct preparation at any time. She has a passion for learning more about coffee and is looking for the perfect cup at all times. A Professional Barista knows about the different disciplines of coffee: Cupping, Brewing, Roasting. 


During our BARISTA Theme classes:  In 90% practical, the Student is introduced to the World of Coffee.  In this, they will learn the technique that will lead them to prepare consistent and delicious espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. The extensive experience of our Trainers, seeks that in 1.5 days, the Student manages step by step to easily join the professional team and to know in depth about the History of Coffee and its processes. Students should reinforce their knowledge with our ONLINE Theory system where they will find relevant information on the subject of Barista and coffee.

We have restructured our Barista Course to include flavor manipulation in an espresso. During this Course we implement technology that helps us to be consistent, we learn about how to achieve a uniform and replicable recipe. During this course extractions are measured and we teach you the importance of support with tools and accessories. The student will be able to create their own espresso recipes with the different coffees that are offered in class. Learn to use more sophisticated brewing equipment and dig deeper into the practice of Latte Art. 

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