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Make your purchases of teas from 1oz onwards in this way. Remember that for wholesale prices, you must contact us at whatsapp.  

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Culinary Grade Activated Charcaol

Culinary Grade Activated Charcaol

PriceFrom $10.00
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A flavorless ingredient that can be added to any food; bread, ice cream, olives, rice, cookies, cakes, mousses and even coffee drinks.⁣

As always, we are thinking about creating healthy trends and in recent years, we have started to see a wave of more health-conscious people circulating. Starting today, you can enjoy for your Coffee shop, an additional to our offer of Teas and Tisanas, the culinary pure activated carbon, which you can offer your customers in meals, desserts, drinks, smoothies and in whatever your imagination takes you. .⁣

This coconut-based product is a fine matcha-like powder. A small amount turns all your culinary creations jet black.⁣

In addition to this spectacular black color (as you can see in the images), activated carbon purifies your body with its properties, which has made this a product not only for beauty, but also suitable for health.⁣

Activated charcoal is a powerful detoxifier, something new here, but a food supplement that has been around for decades. ⁣

For your wholesale purchase, you get a complete recipe book. ⁣

Order now for your business or home to our whatsapp. 50321000978

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