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Pink Bourbon from Finca Los Pirineos

Pink Bourbon from Finca Los Pirineos

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Bourbon is a natural mutation of Típica that occurred on Reunion Island, formerly called Bourbon Island. Even though it is a mutation of the Típica, this variety produces 20 to 30% more than that variety, making it very attractive to producers. It is a variety with a very sweet characteristic, which also makes it highly valued around the world. This variety currently occupies 59% of the coffee park in El Salvador.

There are different variations of the fruit shell color: red, yellow, orange and pink (Salmon).

The Pink Bourbon Variety (Pink) is a hybrid of Red Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon. The skin of this ripe fruit is pink in color and its flavor, although with Bourbon characteristics, becomes very complex and sweet.

The interesting thing about this hybrid variety is that some producers claim that it is resistant to rust. Like its brother the Orange Bourbon, it is very difficult to produce them in the presence of red and yellow bourbons in the area. It must be in total isolation, a separate lot so that it develops naturally and always with its characteristic pink.

The Pink Bourbon is very rare to find among the world coffee production. But among those who do believe in this variety is Diego Baraona from Finca Los Pirineos, who has been successfully producing it for some years and captivates us this week with its delicious fruity, flowery, sweet flavors and long, prolonged aftertaste. Has it all!

Find it freshly roasted starting tomorrow at our “ON THE GO” Stand. Order it at home to our whatsapp. (503) 21000978

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