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Barista Skills Intermediate Level SCA

Barista Skills Intermediate Level SCA

Sales Tax Included |

Investment is broken down as follows:

Fees: $ 425 + VAT = $ 480.25

SCA MEMBER exam = $ 150

Fees include Lunch. Exam fee must be paid in cash. Contact us for details on how to cancel to secure your spot.

For Fees - We accept credit cards, transfers, deposit to account, check and cash.

This is an International Certification endorsed worldwide without expiration granted by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Duration Time: 2 full days
Hours: 9am to 1pm - 2pm to 5pm

Description of the Intermediate Level Certification:

The Barista Skills Certification Intermediate level extends the concepts and skills introduced in the Fundamentals course. It is the ideal course for those who have experience as baristas and want to analyze how to improve the quality of coffee and prepare to perform more complex tasks within the profession. Throughout this interactive course, students will gain a deeper understanding of coffee itself, specifically the impact of coffee variety, origin, and processing methods on flavor; the parameters of coffee quantity, grind texture, water quality and extraction time and how they interact when programming a recipe; the structure of the drink and the differences in taste; workflow management and efficiency; sensory aspects of the extraction of an espresso; milk processing and techniques, and latte art. In addition to making coffee, this course also covers key concepts related to health and safety, customer service, and basic business practices.

Prerequisites: Have completed and successfully passed the Barista Skills Fundamentals Level Certification.

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