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The legacy lives on at Los Pirineos Farm

This time we set out with Diego Baraona, now producer from this strategically placed farm all the way to Usulutan on the Eastern side of El Salvador. This farm has amazing views of mountains, volcanos and a climate like no other year round.

It wasnt our first time at Pirineos Farm, but we haven´t been there since 2017, its still an incredible site worth visiting yearly if you can.

Panoramic views receive us at the very top of the Beneficio, where Diegos family built a small cozy farm house. The view is incredible, because we can feel the windy contaminated free air surround us, forests, plants, vegetation, and of course coffee all surrounding us. Its beautiful.

During the afternoon the clouds lowered and mist covered our view, but in comes a fresh, cold and rainy wind.

Los Pirineos farm cultivates around 20 different coffee varieties, some of our favorites are the Ethiopian ones. We buy from Diego some of the most exotic Ethiopian varieties such as Laurina, Java, Gesha and many more to come. Yet his main production consists of Bourbon and Pacamara.

Our tour of the farm began at the Beneficio where we cupped a little of the coffees that were coming to ABP, including some we had already reserved and are very proud to carry. ⁣

To our surprice, we didnt know Diego besides coffee he produces fresh honey and vanilla. We had the privilage to try his honey and couldnt wait to take it with us. ¡It was spectacular!

Then we set out to the Variety garden, he has some impressive varieties we have never tried before. They were flowering, I smelled all the flowers and each had a unique scent, I couldnt believe it. ⁣

As we walked the farm surrounded by pine trees, they would release their fragrance to the atmosphere and fresh air. These trees cover all the coffee plants surrounding the area from Pacamara.

It was lunch time and we set out to the highest part of the farm called Finca Las Palmas Cumbre, it had already started to rain so the road was covered with mud, rocks and water. We managed to reach the top to appreciate all the nature on top, plants from there were very well taken care of too.

We had a blast during this visit and thank Diego for the invite. Every year we buy many different specialty coffees we like to release little by little during the year, stay tuned for what coffees are coming this year from Los Pirineos Farm by following us through instagram.

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