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Ignacio Gutierrez, Finca La Roxanita, Finca Los Positos, Finca San Nicolas, Chalatenango


Producer: Ignacio Gutiérrez

In 2011, Don Ignacio and Edgardo Gutiérrez participated for the first time in the Cup of Excellence and won 1st place with presidential position, 90+ points. That year they got their Pacamara Lavado. In that year it was the highest grade achieved of all the events of this contest in our country. Finca La Roxanita, is located in Chalatenango, belongs to the Alotepeque Mountain Range in Metapán and produces only the Pacamara variety, which was created in El Salvador and is increasingly recognized in specialized markets for its excellent quality.

In 2013, Don Ignacio and his son EDGARGO Gutiérrez return to Cup of Excellence both of their best processes, Lavado and Honey, but this time from Finca San Nicolás. For the second time they win again with 1st place presidential position, now they decide to put their Honey process, the same year the same Pacamara is in position 17 in the Lavado process. The Cup of Excellence auction ended and to our surprise, we received a call from the Gutiérrez family confirming that they had broken a new record. Their Pacamara Honey in-process coffee sold for $ 50.10 a pound. No other Salvadoran coffee has been sold like this before.

This 2015, the Gutiérrez family decided to register for the Cup of Excellence Contest again, this time with their Finca Los Positos. A Honey Process Pacamara with spectacular sweets. In addition to holding the record for having sold their coffee at auction with the highest price, they now hold the record for holding 1st place in 3 Pacamaras of their 3 Farms. Amazing!

On 2011 Ignacio Gutiérrez and Edgardo Gutiérrez participated for the first time in COE and won 1st place, presidential award. That year they entered their Pacamara Washed. It is amazing how that year they broke the first record of highest score of all times. Finca La Roxanita is located in Chalatenango and produces only Pacamara a variety created in El Salvador.

On 2013 these two producers entered their Finca San Nicolas, once again they won 1st place and Presidential Award. This time they entered a Pacamara Honey Process. This year we received a call from them right after auction, they had broke a second record, their coffee was sold to a Japanese Company for $ 50.10.

In 2015 they broke the third record. They won 1st place and Presidential Award for the third time with their farm Los Positos. This year they entered a Honey Pacamara. Amazing coffees.

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