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How important is to relax as a family

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I'm so excited to talk about relaxation today!

This day I'd like to fill you up with hope to a new day or night. Letting you know that its ok to leave those troubles at work, at home, from the day, from the week; start thinking about yourself and what you're thankful for.

I see it as an opportunity, what about the family? I know its a difficult time and sometimes we think time might stop, but hey, you will find the confidence to come back from this blackhole and start making sense in your way. This powerful boost of confidence might be acquired only with a Tea Pause. Yes. Start enjoying a pause with some tea or tisane.

I invite you to take a darkforce and turn it into a rainbow, this rainbow of color and light looks like our Tisane Total Relaxation (Relajación Total). It is our special blend of Chamomile, Peppermint and Lavender. I promise, this will change the day for you completely. Breathe it in, this will be a new chapter.

Today most of the family lives under stress at one point of the day or the other, taking a pause will be indispensable.

It's very likely that you're going to be working nonstop for a day or two, with no breaks in sight.

But STOP! We all need a pause, a break, a chance to breathe and think.

I mean, let's be real: kids are being deprived of their activities due to Covid 19; they also need to move around, play outside for fresh air, and calm down. They need to rest! Just like adults now a days.

How might you and your family become better at taking breaks and relaxing?

We propose our Tisane Total Relaxation (Relajación Total) as the fast solution to all your hormones, bad humors and vibes of the day—transforming you from negative to positive. The little ones can also benefit from this infusion as an immediate escape from stress within the job or inside the house. This could be their routine of happiness… just like the rainbow it symbolizes! Imagine everything much better with a break that puts on pause your bad mood? How about it? Shall we send it to you?

Prepare you and your loved ones a cup or many of this relaxing tisane and enjoy fully. The power of flowers, plants in this infusion will be the Pow needed to change the light and become happy again. This blend alleviated from within all your senses it is the fast way to calm down your nervous system, consume it regularly and become your routine.

When a rainbow is spotted, some cultures believe that its a sign of hope. In Cristian culture rainbows symbolize a promise to better times to come. That's how they appear out of no where and they disappear that way too. Yet, these are nature gifts, works of art, perfect in everyway, wouldn't you love to store a Rainbow in your drawer? That's how great this Tisane is, why don't you enjoy the rainbow today?

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