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3 Year Puerh

For whom is familirized with the different processes of Camellia Sinensis, cannot argue with me on Puerh being one very interesting, delicious tea. The name is believed to come from the city Puerh in Yunnan, China. It is a city dedicated to this process, and is a mountainous region with very cold climate. In fact, this city in China has the reputation to produce the best quality Puerhs in the World. If you havent tried this tea, this is a young Puerh you will love; I describe it as sweet and earthy. This quality Puerh tea is difficult to find, as it is also subject to falsification all around the Internet.

Our pu-erh from Yunann is a private plantation located in 1500 to 4900 feet above see level. I chose it because it is a Vintage tea, which means it comes from the finest leaves, guaranteeing its quality, flavor and body texture. Like all my teas, it is a process any Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian will enjoy to incorporate in their diets.

As you can see in the pic, it has not one but many different dark brown and light brown colors, all the way to burgandy. This Puerh is like a fine wine, it has been aged for 3 long years in a controled atmosphere and temperature. In reality, this Puerh from Yunnan is perfect, and of course it comes from an experienced producer, with reknown experience to fabricate amazing puerhs around the world. ⁣

Reasons to love this Puerh are many, but its flavor profile is as captivating, intriguing as it depends totaly from this mountainous region, its environment and ambience. When you try a sip of it you will be transformed to a land we can only imagine. This young 3 year aged Puerh infuses a clean cup, with sweet caramel, honey maple, dark cherries, with an long sweet aftertaste, high body, very light earthy finish, perfect to be called drink of the Gods. ⁣

You may drink it infused on its own, or infused with fruit juices, ad its infusion to any fruit frozen drink or smoothies to make any drink a powerful antioxidant. Puerhs are known to contribute greatly to weight loss, amazing digestive properties it will help you burn fat and lipids. As all Camellia Sinensis processes, this is one powerful tea that can help you with bones and skin.

This Puerh is a process that comes from prestigious tea farms, it could become one of your favorites, just try it out.

How Puerh was Born?

It is believed that during the Tang Dynasty, travelers packed tea leaves in bricks to easily take them everywhere. Because of the long distances they traveled, weather changes, it took months before these bricks arrived to another destination, including years. Something during this time aged the bricks and transformed their flavor through time, it was maraculous. Teas would change color, flavor, would develop rich bodies and become thick, fruity, with delicious unique aromatics. ⁣

All teas are famous processes because of all their healthy properties. Some may even be more famous than others, what people dont know is they all come from the same plant. Greens and whites for example, are consumed because of their fresh flavors, puerhs on the other hand become more unique with time.

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