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¡A relaxed world would dress Lavender!

This is a perfume you won't want to miss. For centuries it has captivated the attention of writers and philosophers like Leonardo Da Vinci whom wrote several phrases about this amazing aromatic tisane. He lost his way while writing about its delicate aroma and how essential it should be for perfume.

Tisane de Lavanda, Té de Lavanda
Mi Lavanda Favorita

⁣In reality there is not one other product that resembles it, and we try to import only the best to the country, this lavender is of the highest quality we could find: Grade A, new crop, super blue petals. Harvested between 200 and 800 masl, processed in small parcels, this unique flower is sun dried in african beds above ground. We are lucky to offer from an Albanian producer of great reputation, feeling proud and sure of his delicate and strict agriculture practices, considering the environment of great importance in all his crops.

Our lavender invades the entire room as you steep with water, its aroma is so refreshing, pleasant it will help you relax immediately. This wonderful lavender flower is to be enjoyed day and night, as its caffeine free, and Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian compliant.

Add this lavender and mix it up with other teas and tisanes on our catalog, or just enjoy it by its own during a crazy afternoon. You can steep it in your hot bath, ad it to your toothpaste, or have a warm cloth with its infusion placed in your forehead for a while. You wont want to stop using it for all relaxing needs, you can place it in a bathroom like potpourri, and add it around the house to scent your favorite place.

This lavender can help you more than relax, it can improve your mood drastically, enjoy this infusion to kill anxiety, depression and fatigue. Lavender is also great to put you to sleep, menstrual pains and headaches. ⁣

Find this delicious lavender on our SHOP. Visit us from Monday - Saturday 9am till 5pm. Remember to place your order before hand, this will reduce your time of wait at Academia Barista Pro. Wholesale prices start at 4oz.

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