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Queen Elizabeths favorite Black Tea

There is nothing more English than a great cup of Earl Grey!

In fact, Earl Grey was her Majesty´s favorite tea, she would drink it all mornings with a tad of milk without any sugar. Whom ever has tried this magnificent infusion, knows how ours is incredibly aromatic, sweet and delicious.

Our Earl Grey comes from Sri Lanka, blended with a citrus Bergamont oil, decorated with blue flowers, just makes a combination of beautiful and original refined infusion to taste. This classic tea, is citric, inspiring, relaxing, and originated in 1830.

Legend says, the first minister called Charles Grey rescues a Chinese soldiers son. The Chinese gifts him this incredible recipe. Many years later, Greys family says this is not the way it happened, telling a whole different story about how it was a Chinese that made the recipe for the Prime Minister, with the purpose to diminish the lemony water flavor at that time. The truth is, we know it is delicious, intensily fragrant and very refreshing to enjoy on a daily basis.

This recipe requires high quality black tea, and then infuse it several hours with bergamont oil. Our tea is very traditional, harvested the orthodox way, this is a high antioxidant tea, midium caffeine level and can be part of Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian life without consequences.

It infuses a joyful copper color, it is an incredibly high quality tea and for many years favorite among English people, but know of anyone trying it. This tea is more famous now than Big Ben and if you are a fan of it, ours will surprise and surpass all expectations.

Its natural bergamont oil is the ingredient making the difference, from any other you might have tried before. This Earl Grey complements any banquet, even a royal one. We are sure Mr. Charles Grey would aprove it without any doubt, its enjoyable sutile flavor is so relaxing.

Our Earl Grey is a blend of 3 different regions - Sri Lanka - Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula and Uva. T

High elevation areas, producing a tea similar to Ceylon, but with intense floral flavors and very mild astringency in the cup.

This very thoughtful blend of teas from high altitudes and orthodox processing, complement perfectly with the bergamont oil, making it so naturally flavored, sweet with a lingering aftertaste and clean finish.

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