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Both founders Jonathan Rodríguez & Johanna de Rodríguez will be teaching these International Certifications as Authorized Trainers by SCA (AST) in the disciplines of Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills and Brewing.

Sensory Skills
Specialty Coffee Association International Coffee Certification

Catación de Cafe en nivel Inicio, Iniciando la Catación


The Beginning Level of the Coffee Skills Program. You can take this to start the Sensory topic with this Certification.


This level requires successfully passing 1 online exam.

Se programa 1 vez al mes en calendario. Si el alumno desea cursarlo fuera de este itinerario puede solicitarlo por whatsapp: 50321000978
Certificación de Catación nivel Intermedio


Requirement, to have completed and successfully passed the Fundamentals Level Certification. The student should already know the basic tools for this level.


This level requires successfully passing 2 exams. An online exam and another given by the AST.

Se programa tras haber completado nivel Fundamentos. El Alumno puede programarlo junto con el AST en las fechas que mejor le parezcan.
Nivel Profesional en Barista, Barista Habilidades en nivel Profesional


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Professional Level must be completed with a space of 3 months between Intermediate and this level. The student already manages the professional team, handles SCA cupping protocol, terminology, analysis and scoring. Know market parameters, as indicated in Intermediate Level.


This level requires successfully passing 2 exams. An online exam and another given by the AST.

Se programa mínimo 3 meses después de haber pasado exitosamente el nivel Intermedio.

If you still have questions about this certification or want any other information, you can write us a message via whatsapp: 21000978

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According to the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners, the measure is effective from this Wednesday, November 17, something that favors foreigners who visit this country at the end of the year and nationals who travel to spend with their families during these dates festive.


The Government of El Salvador authorized the vaccination against covid-19 for foreigners, including tourists. Applies to all people living with irregular status in our country and for tourists. It does not matter the document with which they register, the only thing necessary is that it be a document with a photo and present it at the time of vaccination.

Sensory Skills, Habilidades Sensoriales, Cursos de Catación, Certificación de Café en tema Catación
Certificación Sensory Skills de Specialty Coffee Association
Certificación Internacional tema Sensory Skills