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Johanna de Rodriguez



Sustainability Program
Specialty Coffee Association International Coffee Certification


Academia Barista Pro has always been involved in Sustainability, thinking of viable ways in which our business can contribute to this important subject.

I remember when we started the business more than 15 years ago, we had a small coffee shop. We never believed in calculations or tablespoons to measure ingredients or products, this made us have minimum waste a day or month. Since then, we have tried to instill this thinking to our clients which helps not only their pockets, but also the environment. Sustainability is about 3 important pillars: economic, social and environmental. Although this is just a small example, it perfectly fits the 3 pillars. When we reduce waste to a minimum, we help ourselves financially because we don't lose money, we help ourselves environmentally because we don't throw excess garbage, and in our case, when we teach our customers and employees, we've been able to help society. Adopting a sustainable mindset in our lives, work, and as a society depends on how we approach issues in small ways, that on the long run, will help our future generations. 

The Sustainability Program in Coffee is relatively new, created by Specialty Coffee Association  to inspire people to get involved, and have them contribute to their futuristic sustainability plan, contributing in a positive way for their business and the coffee value chain. We can all work under the pillars of sustainability, even at home, so there is no excuse. Join us to plan your sustainability future. Like the Coffee Skills Program, the Coffee Sustainability Program has 3 levels of specialization: 

For now, we have detailed below more info on the Sustainability Foundations Class only. 


Foundations Level

We recommend you start in this level, as we teach all the basic information you will need to move forward with the other two levels.

This level requires successfully passing 1 online exam.

Sustainability Intermediate Level

As a strong recommendation we suggest you take Foundation firs. During this level you should already know basic history, politics and definitions of all terms related to this module. 

This level requires successful passing of Online and practical exams. 


Sustainability Professional Level

You will be able to opt for Pro level, only if you've passed Intermediate. You must have a 3 month minimum required time between the end of Intermediate and start of your pro course.

This level requires planning, execution and periodic evaluations.  


If you still have questions about this certification or want any other information, write to us via whatsapp: 21000978

We are extremely pleased to announce that founder, Johanna de Rodríguez, becomes the AST #22 in the World and 2nd in Latin America in the Specialty of International Coffee Certifications of the Sustainability Program of @specialtycoffeeassociation ⁣

By studying about sustainability, all the actors of the coffee value chain in the Specialty Coffee industry will get involved to act. ⁣

This program is designed to explore what sustainability means, what the challenges are across the coffee value chain, and how to adopt this mindset.

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