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The Coffee Skills Program was jointly designed by Coffee Scientists and Professionals with vast experience in the field. In it, you learn the necessary skills and global requirements for the quality of a specialty coffee and prepared coffee as established by Specialty Coffee Association.

Certificación Introducción al Café

100% Face-to-face - SCA International Certification

Introduction to Coffee

The student is immersed in an explanation about the journey of coffee from Ethiopia to become the product we know today.


100% Face-to-face - SCA International Certification

Green coffee

We will learn about botany, markets and how green coffee is evaluated according to SCA for commercialization abroad.

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100% Face-to-face - SCA International Certification

Sensory Skills

This branch of Certifications will help you develop your senses to attract value to your product.

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100% Face-to-face - SCA International Certification


The Roasting Foundation course provides the student with an overview of the roasting process, including the physical changes that occur during the process and how to control the sensory aspects of coffee by applying a light or dark roast.

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100% Face-to-face - SCA International Certification


The student will explore how to produce a delicious extraction based on world parameters.

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100% Face-to-face - SCA International Certification

Barista Skills

For Baristas, people wanting to start a coffee business and people who want to know more about preparation with an Espresso Machine.

Itinerary of SCA Certifications

If you still have questions about this certification or want any other information, you can write us a message via whatsapp: 21000978

Certificaciones Internacionales tienen un cupo máximo. Solo reservamos cupos con pago anticipado. 

Cupo máximo 4 personas: 
  • Introducción al Café
  • Sensory Skills
  • Barista Skills
  • Café Verde
  • Brewing
Cupo máximo 2 personas: 
  • Tostaduría
Octubre 2021 - Certificaciones Internacionales: 

18 - Introducción al Café
19 - Café Verde Nivel 1 Fundamentos
19 - Tostaduría Nivel 1 Fundamentos
20 - Sensory Skills Nivel 1 Fundamentos

21 - Tostaduría Nivel 1 Fundamentos (CUPO AGOTADO)
22 - Brewing Nivel 1 Fundamentos
23 - Barismo Nivel 1 Fundamentos

25 - Tostaduría Nivel 1 Fundamentos (CUPO AGOTADO)

Noviembre 2021 - Certificaciones Internacionales
22 - Introducción al Café
23 - Café Verde Nivel 1 Fundamentos
24 - Sensory Nivel 1 Fundamentos
25 - Barista Nivel 1 Fundamentos
26 - Brewing Nivel 1 Fundamentos
27 - Tostaduría Nivel 1 Fundamentos

Diciembre - Certificaciones Internacionales
6 - Introducción al Café
7 - Barista Fundamentos
8 - Sensory Fundamentos
9 - Tostaduría Fundamentos
10 - Brewing Fundamentos
11 - Café Verde Nivel 1 Fundamentos