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In Person & Distance Training - English Barista Skills Foundation

In Person & Distance Training - English Barista Skills Foundation

ITBMS incluido |

International SCA Barista Skills Certification Foundation Level : 


Foundation Level requires you to pass only an Online Exam. No physical examination is needed.


International Certification - Barista Skills Foundation Level - 5 points - Online Exam


The Barista Skills Foundation level provides a first contact with this discipline to each participant. It's a great way to dig deeper into a module that will help you decide if you want to continue learning more about this dynamic subject. The Barista Skills Foundation Level course focuses on the key skills necessary to use a grinder, prepare an espresso, froth and texturize milk, all under the standards established by the Specialty Coffee Association. ⁣

In this course, the student will be introduced to the basic knowledge about coffee and the foundations are laid to acquire practical skills necessary to begin to master the technique of milk and latte-art. ⁣

The student will learn the importance of a coffee menu on point, about health, safety and customer service practices. You will learn the importance of cleaning the equipment before, during and after a work day. ⁣

To receive the diploma for this Certification, the student must successfully pass the Specialty Coffee Association Online Examination. ⁣


Once you have completely paid the aforementioned fee, we will register you in the SCA system and you will be able to take the exam. Dont worry, we will help you throughout this journey. 


We are aware that there may be situations beyond our control that require you to change the date of your class or cancel your reservation. Our return policy will reflect the costs incurred in preparing your scheduled class.


Refund Policy: We can refund your payment in full only 14 days prior to the starting day of your class. You may not cancel 2 days in advance, but you may choose to reschedule your class by paying the rescheduling fee.


Reschedule Fee: The Reschedule Fee is 25% of the Course fee and applies to Students who want to reschedule their class less than 14 days before starting.




In Person: 1 day - 9am to 5pm

Online: It may be scheduled in 1 day session or 2 day sessions


In Person:  This class includes Lunch. Student will be responsible for bringing notesbook and pens.


Online: This class includes the coffee kit to be able to follow activities. Although we include this kit, shipping will not be included. We quote shipping for each person. 


PREREQUISITES: Intro 2 Coffee, Brewing Foundation, Sensory Skills (These are not mandatory but highly recommended to be taken before Barista Skills)



The exam is ONLINE, lasts 22 minutes and must be passed with a minimum score of 60%. There are no practical examinations. The student will have 21 days to take the exam online.


This class may be programmed In Person or Distance Learning.


AST In charge: Johanna de Rodriguez


REGISTRATION: You may pay this course in full. 


If you have more questions, you can contact us directly at whatsapp: 21000978.


PAYMENT : Fees can be canceled ONLINE by requesting the payment link, by means of a transfer to the BAC account, come to cancel it here at the Academy with a credit card, pay it in cash or check.

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