Productor: Carlos Batres

2 years ago we received an invitation to visit Montecarlos by our friend and producer, Carlos Batres. This is an offer we couldnt resist. Carlos Batres has been in the Coffee Business for over 30 years, his coffee has been sold all over the world, and is wellknown for his impecable quality.

El Salvador is famous for its more than 20 Volcanoes in a small extension of land. It`s the smallest country in Central America, so its not an unusual thing to find Strict High Grown Coffees on the skirts of one Volcano. Montecarlos coffee plantation is no exception, but it`s the only coffee plantation that extends on all sides of a Volcano without sharing it with another farm. Meaning, the producer of this farm practically owns his private Volcano. The Montecarlos Estate is one of the biggest farms in El Salvador, it extends over 400 manzanas or an aprox 688 acres with coffee, and grows bourbon, pacamara, caturra and catuai. Besides the coffee plantation, Montecarlos Estate has also an aprox of 200 manzanas or 344 acres of virgin forest.

After the tour of the Beneficio, farm, ausoles and forest, we drank a cup of Montecarlos Coffee prepared in French Press with Carlos and his wife outside their house and you could hear nature. Birds chirping, and other animals could be heard in the distance, and coming from trees and the volcano lake.

Thank you to the Batres family for an amazing trip.




Dirección: 79 Avenida Sur y Calle Cuscatlán Edificio Plaza Cristal Local 1-2, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador, Centroamérica. 

Teléfono & Whatsapp: (503) 21000978


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Updated 2020

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