Producer: Gilberto Baraona

Gilberto worked on the farm from a very young age with his family, he comes from a long tradition of producers who began in 1925. After the war they were left with less land to produce and his family decided to stop growing coffee. Gilberto, was deeply passionate about coffee growing and decided to continue the family tradition and in 1998 began working with Exportadora Llach, which at the end of the 90's became UNEX. In 2008, his coffee won a privileged position in the Cup of Excellenc and it was this that motivated him to continue promoting Specialty Coffee internationally.

Finca Los Pirineos grows 20% Antique Prestigious Arabicas, 70% Elite Bourbon and 10% Pacamara. 

Academia Barista Pro began buying from Gilberto in 2016, and haven't stopped since. Gilberto always offered us his best lots and unique coffees we couldn't refuse yearly.  We launched a few years back his famous Orange Pacamara from Finca Los Pirineos in El Salvador, a unique variety of Pacamara that when it matures  its skin turns orange. 


In 2018, he offered to us his GESHA variety. A very delicate gesha with floral flavors of chamomile, elevated caramels and lemon citrus.

With deep sadness we informed many of our clients his passing away due to coronavirus on 2020. On 2020 Academia Barista Pro launched many microlots to his memory, as we hold exclusivity in El Salvador. But his legacy still stands strong! Both of his children Diego and Fabiola, grabbed the reigns of his farm empire and have processed some amazing coffee microlots we will have exclusive access to this year, from both Finca Los Pirineos and Finca Las Palmas. 

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Fabiola Baraona


Diego Baraona

We started buying from Gilberto in 2016, difficult not to do so, since he has always offered us unique coffees of unsurpassed quality, something that we cannot miss. That friendship lasted many years, we were the first to offer in El Salvador their famous Pacamara Naranja from Finca Los Pirineos, also the first to offer in 2018 an exclusive micro-lot of their Gesha variety. Both the orange-skinned pacamara and their gesha infuse unique cups. Throughout the years, with him we learned about new processes such as "Carbonic Maceration," being a pioneer in this process worldwide. Many of the coffees that surprised us and that we bought were praised and awarded in the Cup of Excellence year after year.


In 2020, Gilberto becomes the producer with the most awards in El Salvador's Cup of Excellence, something that the world noticed. That year, he lost the battle against COVID, however his legacy continues as both sons, Diego and Fabiola, take over the reins of all his businesses.  


This 2021 the harvest is delicious and we have been testing different items produced and processed by Diego. We have already placed our order and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of these wonderful coffees.


We will announce details of this very soon, stay tuned for our social media.  


Before Covid, we had more than 10 years of participating in National and International Competitions with Salvadoran coffees. The competitions in the World have been postponed, but we cannot help but remember the moment when we used specialty coffees from FINCA LAS PALMAS:  

  • Finca Las Palmas Gesha, roasted by Academia Barista Pro Founder, Jonathan Rodríguez, for the 2019 National Brewers Cup Champion.

Coffees we buy this 2020





Finca Las Palmas (Limited Supply / LIMITED EDITIONS)



Pacamara Naranja Honey from Finca Las Palmas (9th place Cup of Excellence) - Out of Stock

Harrar Ethiopian Washed Finca Los Pirineos - Out of Stock

Harrar Ethiopian Natural Finca Los Pirineos - Out of Stock

Bourbon Carbonic Maceration - Out of Stock

Gesha Los Pirineos - Out of Stock


Peaberry Pacamara Orange Carbonic Maceration a -

1st Limited Commemorative Edition 2020 - OUT OF STOCK


Natural Laurine -

2nd Limited Edition 2020 - OUT OF STOCK


Natural Anaerobic H ar

3rd Limited Edition of Coffee- OUT OF STOCK