Producer: Gilberto Baraona

Gilberto worked on the farm from a very young age with his family, he comes from a long tradition of producers who began in 1925. After the war and having lost land with their benefits due to the fighting, his family decided to withdraw from growing coffee. Gilberto, passionate about coffee growing, decided to continue and in 1998 began working with Exportadora Llach, which at the end of the 90's became UNEX. In 2008, his coffee won a privileged position in the Cup of Excellence Contest and it was this that motivated him to continue promoting Specialty Coffee internationally.

Finca Los Pirineos grows 20% Antique Arabics, 70% Bourbon Elite variety and 10% Pacamara selection F1 and F3.
Academia Barista Pro began buying from Gilberto in 2016, difficult not to do so, since he always offers us unique coffees of unsurpassed quality, an offer that we cannot refuse. Very happy to be the first to offer their famous Pacamara Naranja from Finca Los Pirineos in El Salvador. We were able to offer our exclusive clients two different processes of this coffee, washed and Natural,
both with extreme sweetness, very appetizing for both Espresso and methods.

In 2018, it offers us an exclusive micro-lot of the GESHA variety. A very delicate gesha with floral flavors of chamomile, elevated caramels and lemon citrus. You can only find it in our ON THE GO STAND or ask us to roast the bags you like of this delicious coffee.


Finca Las Palmas Gesha, receives an Award for being the coffee roasted by the Founder of Academia Barista Pro, Jonathan Rodríguez for the National Brewers Cup Champion in this 2019.

Gilberto worked from very young in his grandfather's farms. He comes from a family of producers, who start cultivating coffee in 1925. After losing part of his farm after the civil war, his family decided to withdraw from growing coffee. Gilberto, passionate about coffee cultivation, decided to continue the work and produce coffee. In 1998 he began to work with Exportadora Llach, which in the late 90 becomes UNEX. It was not until 2008 that his coffee wins a privileged position in Cup of Excellence and this motivates him to go on promoting specialty coffee internationally from his farms.

Finca Los Pirineos grows Arabica 20%, 70% for Elite Bourbon variety and 10% Pacamara F1 and F3 selection.

This 2016 we began to buy coffees from Gilberto Baraona, he is one of the few producers whom offers unique coffees with incredible quality, something we really like. One of the coffees we acquired this year from him was an ORANGE SKIN Pacamara. As of today, Gilberto at Finca Los Pirineos, is the only producer planting this exclusive variety in the World. We bought Natural and Washed processes this year, from this exclusive Orange Pacamara. Both Natural and Washed Processes of the Orange Pacamara Variety had extreme, very appealing sweetness, and we found them great for preparing on both brewing methods and Espresso. Looking forward to buying more exclusive coffees from him next year.

Coffees we buy this 2020





Finca Las Palmas (Limited Supply / LIMITED EDITIONS)



Pacamara Naranja Honey from Finca Las Palmas (9th place Cup of Excellence) - IN STOCK

Harrar Ethiopian Washed Finca Los Pirineos - IN STOCK

Harrar Ethiopian Natural Finca Los Pirineos - IN STOCK

Bourbon Carbonic Maceration - IN STOCK

Gesha Los Pirineos - IN STOCK


Peaberry Pacamara Orange Carbonic Maceration a -

1st Limited Commemorative Edition 2020 - OUT OF STOCK


Natural Laurine -

2nd Limited Edition 2020 - OUT OF STOCK


H ar Natural Anaerobic

3rd Limited Edition of Coffee- OUT OF STOCK




Address: 79 Avenida Sur and Calle Cuscatlán Edificio Plaza Cristal Local 1-2, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America.


Phone: (503) 22637706

Whatsapp: (503) 21000978




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