Producer: Gilberto Baraona

Gilberto worked from a very young age at his grandfather’s farms. He comes from a family of producers, who start cultivating coffee back in 1925. After losing part of his farm on the civil war, his family decided to withdraw from growing coffee, but not him. Gilberto is very passionate about coffee cultivation and continues his grandparents legacy. In 1998 he began to work with Exportadora Llach, which in the late 90s becomes UNEX. It was not until 2008, when his coffee wins a privileged position in Cup of Excellence, that motivates him to build his farm around Specialty Coffee. 


We visit Finca Los Pirineos for the first time on January 31st 2017. This farm is located in Berlín Usulutan, about 2 hours away from city of San Salvador. Throughout the drive we see the most amazing views of different Volcanoes and Mountain ranges of the eastern part of the Country. Views, Gilberto has used to re-build his house around and have a 360 degree appreciation of the entire valley. This is where the trip began, admiring this interminable view! Simply breathtaking! 


After taking a breath of fresh air and eating lunch Gilberto takes us to his Beneficio, showing us his impressively organized African Beds, filled with coffee from different processes. His wet mill was next, where he showed us how he receives his coffee, cleans, and depulps the ripest, reddest coffee cherries his team of expert cutters send to him. Then, we got to see his nursery; he will be planting different varieties for Specialty Microlots soon. This part of the tour ended on his Variety Garden, one of the most organized and complete we've ever seen! Here, he collects about 60 different varieties from around the world for mere research purposes. During this time of the year, all of the fruits were ripe on the tree, so we got the chance to photograph them and try them out.

Finca Los Pirineos grows Arabica 20%, 70% for Elite Bourbon variety and 10% Pacamara F1 and F3 selection.

On 2016 we began to buy coffees from Gilberto Baraona, he is one of the few producers to offer unique coffees with incredible quality, besides exclusivity this is what we look for. One of the coffees we acquired this year from him was an ORANGE SKIN Pacamara. We met with this unique Pacamara during our trip to the farm. When the bean is ripening in the tree it turns orange, and then, changes back to the normal red cherry color. Amazing! As of today, Gilberto at Finca Los Pirineos, is the only producer planting this exclusive variety in the World, our clients got to try this coffee in Natural and Washed Processes, both with very appealing sweetness, great for preparing on both brewing methods and Espresso.


Looking forward to buying more exclusive coffees from him in the near future! We congratulate Gilberto on doing such an amazing job with Specialty Coffees in El Salvador. 

UPDATE: We are very saddened to inform, that Gilberto lost the battle to Covid - 19 this 2020. Due to this unfortunate situation, all of his coffees will be launched as Limited Edition throughout the year. His farm and coffee management is now in hands of his Son and Daughter. We will keep on having exclusive coffees from Los Pirineos Farm in the future. 



Dirección: 79 Avenida Sur y Calle Cuscatlán Edificio Plaza Cristal Local 1-2, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador, Centroamérica. 

Teléfono & Whatsapp: (503) 21000978


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Updated 2020

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