Productora: Anny Ruth Pimentel

Its located at the coffee region of San Salvador Volcano, also known as Quezaltepec. The mill is at about 1460 masl where you can see clearly the very top of the farm, a microlot called Tablon Boquerón. At around 1700 masl, accessed easily by car, you can admire the beauty of the Quezaltepec Valley. The lowest elevation microlot is called Cipresal, cultivaded only with Bourbon, reaches an altitude of about 1250 to 1400 masl. The other Microlots called Manguito, Cruzadilla, Lomona, Velverde, Boqueron, and range from 1400 masl to 1750 masl. Most of the farm is cultivated with bourbon although in some regions you may find Pacamara plantations. Finca Loma La Gloria is blessed with an outstanding microclimate, Volcanic Soils, cool nights, warm sun filtering through shadow tree branches and mild rains. These conditions, and the way Producer and Team take care of the farm, allows them to offer coffee with an unbelievable tasty profile: chocolate, caramel, high sweet notes and citrus flavors. All coffee is produced in shade trees and this, contributes to the growth of every coffee bean and its ripening process, producing a high quality cup. Shade from trees also provides protection to the diversity that lives on this farm. We are incredibly happy to be able to work with producer Anny and Finca Loma La Gloria.

We´ve been working with Anny for about 5 years and have seen a gradual change, always straight forwards and helping attitude. Her coffee this year took an amazing spin because it was her first year processing her own coffee at Finca Loma La Gloria´s Mill.

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Updated 2020

Created by Academia Barista Pro