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After Juayua Coffee Expedition Auction 2018 was over, we couldn't pass away the opportunity to visit a renown coffee farm from El Salvador, one of three top farms from the Muyshondt family; Finca Ausol.


We traveled to beneficio El Diamante with Leopoldo Muyshondt, located at about 1200 masl. As we toured the Beneficio, we saw his dedication and passion to prepare his coffees, maintaining strict schedules to move parchment in patio and african beds during the day. He processes washed, honey, and naturals. All washed are dried in patio, while naturals and honey are dried on african beds made from Bamboo growing in his farms. From the patios of the Beneficio we could see Finca El Topacio, as Leopoldo explained to us Finca Ausol was right on the other side. 

Leopolodo Muyshondt is fifth generation producer, now managing his family farms, Finca Ausol, Finca El Topacio, and Finca El Diamante. All of his farms have won several times top places in Cup of Excellence. He explained to us how he is devoted to planting only elite varieties on all his farms: Pacas, Bourbon and Pacamara. "Yes these are plants susceptible to plagues, and in some areas, we couldn't escape leaf rust, but replanting other varieties is not our strategy, little by little these plants overcome  disease and continue producing amazing beans."Leopoldo Said. 

At Beneficio El Diamante we learned about how he chooses coffees for Cup of Excellence, how he processes them in african beds, and how he cares for them daily. At this time of year its hot during the day, but at night it's chilly, perfect weather he needs for his specialty coffees.

From the Pacamara beans he prepared exclusively for Cup of Excellence last year, he's picked seedlings for his nursery. He will be planting them this year! Here he introduced  us to his farm manager. He's been working the farm with the Muyshondt family for many years. Leopoldo thanks him for his success in COE every year, explaining to us his manager is so devoted to the farm because he loves plants, but we think its a passion they both share. 

After El Diamante, we jumped into the car and set out for a 45 minute drive to Finca Ausol. After a steep car ride and a small foot hike, we arrived to the center of the farm where you can see its Volcanic Geysers formations. "Ausol" translates to Geyser in English. Geysers are features that erupt liquid water and steam at the boiling temperature. Geysers inside this farm are constantly throwing steam to the air, without ever showing a slight change. As you get near these Geysers you notice all dead vegetation around it, and start feeling the Heat. Geyser formations appear out of nowhere in the farm, but these two remain constantly erupting and releasing hot air year round. 

We began working with Leopoldo last year (2017). It is really difficult to amaze our palettes, but coffees from this farm did just that. The Natural Pacamara we bought from Leopoldo had such impact for us, we roasted it for Victor Flores National Barista Competition and also for his World Barista Competition in Korea. We also, proposed it for Barista Nestor Portillo, an expat living in Abu Dhabi, competing on the National Brewing Competition of United Arab Emirates. We sold this coffee to people from Taiwan, Japan, Australia and USA, all of which fell in love with its fruity complexity and intense flavor. We cannot wait to receive 2018 New Crop from this farm!.  


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