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Butterfly Blue Pea Flower

Blue Tea  | Butterfly Blue Pea Flower in El Salvador

This Flower made famous by bloggers, TV shows and reality shows has been around the world. He arrives in El Salvador directly from his country of origin, Thailand. A flower that infuses with an intense blue color and that due to its high citral content turns purple when it comes into contact with any citrus fruit. This unique automatic color change makes it very attractive to offer inside a coffee shop and dazzle the eyes of your customers. Along with your wholesale purchase, we provide you with all the advice you need to offer it with added value to your customers and make it very popular.  

For more details you can communicate with us directly to our whatsapp: 21000978


Blue tea infused alone and hot. 


Lemon Ice Cream Spritzer, with Blue Tea and Coffee


Latte Art, Customer drink infused with Blue Tea


Blue Tea Lemonade with Matcha


Iced Blue Tea Infusion


Infusion of Iced Blue Tea with Milk

For your purchase of Blue Tea, we give you a recipe book. 



Butterfly Blue Pea Flower  | Blue Tea

butterfly blue pea.jpg

Origin:  Thailand

Name: Tisane Butterfly Blue Pea  | Blue Tea

Flavor:  Mild Citrus, Lychee, Green Tea

Infusion:  Intense Blue and if citrus is added, Lilac Purple.

Ingredients: Pure Flower Clitoria Ternatea

Students and Clients will be able to see the vignette in its original size when entering the system. 

Form to Prepare 

Traditional Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Tea in Thailand. 

For your purchase of blue tea at Academia Barista Pro Mayoreo, we send you a complete recipe book with measurements for your business. 

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