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World Barista Championship Australia - Honduras Champ - Carlos Guerra

We want to invite you to take a look at the effort that took months of work for Carlos Guerras World Barista performance. This is how it went on World Barista Championship 2022 Stage held in Australia, eventhough we did not get to any special place, we know his brilliant presentation is worth watching.

Carlos put Honduran Coffee at the very top at this competition, thousands of profesional coffee lovers and families that live off this amazing bean in this central american country have his performance to thank. This subject is deep in our hearts, around sustainable and regenerative agriculture, a movement to cause well deserved impact, positive livelihoods and create a much worthy profitable cup. We hope you enjoy watching, as much as we enjoyed creating it.

This was not Carlos first World performance, we have been coaching Honduras for quite some time now. This is his 4th Competition and 2nd in World Stage. This work relationship turned into true friendship is something else. We push him to keep his head up and changind specialty coffee consumption in Honduras soil. He has truly become a Coffee Ambassador and we´ve seen him grow into the professional he is right now. Very proud to be his Coaches and we hope to see him perform in the future. Love his passion and incredible positive attitude.

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