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Practical Stainless Steel Infusers for you to prepare your favorite loose leaf teas. The great advantage of these is that you can choose large or small cups, without worrying about their size. Very resistant to heat and high temperatures. Excellent size for large or small cut sheets.

In Academia Barista Pro you will find infusers of the ideal size for you to infuse large and small leaves to enjoy the most delicious flavors. We have the best options so that you always get the best result without compacting or breaking your tea leaves. Available at Academia Barista Pro, you can visit us from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, without closing at noon.


Metal Tea Basket Infuser

$ 9.61

BUY YOUR Food Grade Stainless Steel Metal Basket Infuser


Which Tea Infusers does Academia Barista Pro recommend?

Without a doubt, Academia Barista Pro loose leaf teas will be the best option for you. But something is true, you will have to invest in a suitable infuser to prepare them.

True amateurs prefer loose leaf teas for their incredible flavors and attributes, which you could be limiting with an inappropriate infuser. Choosing the right infuser sounds like the easiest task, but it can actually be tricky if you don't know your options.

There are various types of Infusers, including the famous metal balls, Silicone Infusers, Thermos Infusers and infuser teapots. Here we describe our recommendations, and also those that we do not recommend.

Metal, Plastic, or Silicone Ball (or Shapes) Infusers: Unfortunately, you will not be able to extract large leaves in these Infusers and they do not allow the blade to expand properly. You will have to reduce the dose of tea and buy small leaf teas or tisans, so let's be clear, you cannot let your infuser dictate what you have to do. Likewise, the silicone material together with hot water are a very toxic combination, they release chemicals into your cup that could affect your health. We recommend that you completely steer clear of purchasing these Infusers.

Basket-type infusers: They can extract a wonderful tea, resistant to high temperatures, perfect for extracting quality teas, allowing you to change your dosages without any problem. They are large and spacious, suitable for the tea leaves to expand comfortably and naturally extract all their flavor. The bigger it is, the BETTER. Find infusers of this type for sale at Academia Barista Pro.







Thermos with infuser: Thermos with infuser are an easy, comfortable way to prepare your favorite tea while you are away from home. They can be made of metal, plastic or even glass. Unfortunately, all the glass infuser options are the least durable, because in the blink of an eye they can break.


Teapots with Infusers: There are different sizes, in general you can find in Academia Barista Pro perfect infusers to prepare from a cup onwards. But they can also be your option if you are typically a fan of drinking large amounts of tea and sharing with others. These teapots can come in a myriad of materials, plastic, metal, ceramic, clay and the typical glass. The size of the infuser is the most important, it should be as big as possible, the weakness of glass will always be something you have to think about, after all, the most resistant materials will always be metal and plastic.

In conclusion, Academia Barista Pro recommends that you leave the balls, small plastic or silicone infusers, and any device where you have to compact the tea with your fingers, better invest in an infuser where your tea can expand its leaves. The best infusers allow the leaves to float in the water naturally and thus give off their flavor. The more space you give your tea, the better.

Find a wide variety of Tea Infusers for sale at Academia Barista Pro.

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