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Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5pm


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International Certification in Roasting Level 1 (Fundamentals)

Fees: $226 (includes VAT)

Exam: $84

Total: $310.00

The International Roasting Certification at Fundamentals level 1 provides the student with an understanding of the roasting process, including the physical changes that take place during the process and how to control the sensory aspects of coffee by roasting light and dark. Students will also gain an understanding of the basic structure of the roasting machine and general maintenance, along with fire prevention.  

The hands-on learning objectives and activities will prepare the student to follow instructions for the AST, for 3 different roasts, record data and relevant observations per roast using a proper record.  


The student can choose to take the exam or not, however those who take it and pass it successfully, obtain the SCA International Certification. This certification does not have an expiration date  

Fees include the participant's lunch and snacks.  


2 students

Choose the level you would like to achieve for the Roasting Specialty 


Foundation Level

This is a full-day certification course.

Materials and lunch are included.

The maximum capacity is 2 people.


Intermediate Level

Delve into the roasting technique using state-of-the-art equipment and curve programs. Learn to profile coffee.

The maximum capacity is 2 people. 2 full days Includes materials and lunch for participants. Students must pass 2 exams: a practical one and a written one.


Professional Level

Learn to be a consistent roaster while roasting unknown coffees. What to do?

This Certification is three full days long. It includes materials and lunch for participants. The maximum capacity is 2 people.

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